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Superman & Lois: Jordan’s Powers Go Haywire!


Jordan’s powers start going haywire in the mid-season premiere of Superman & Lois…

Jordan can’t seem to win with his powers. In the mid-season premiere of Superman & Lois, the youngest Kent’s powers start to spiral to the point of going totally haywire. To make it worse, he and Jonathan face the football team of their old school, Metropolis High. Meanwhile, Tag Harris returns with Sam on his tail and it almost ends in disaster for him and Clark. Elsewhere, There’s so much to unpack from this episode and it’s only the first one back after a seven-week break.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Sarah’s Suspicions Continue To Grow

It’s no secret that Jordan and Jon’s friend, Sarah has been suspicious for awhile. But when Tag suddenly breaks out of the Department of Defence and returns to Smallville, his own powers go haywire and he kidnaps his friend when he accidentally knocks her out.

When she awakens, Tag tells her they’re in Metropolis and he explains to her that Jordan did something to him. He then interrogates her, hoping she knows something. Luckily, Superman intervenes but he is shot with live rounds laced with Kryptonite.

Sarah is fine but does she constantly think about what Tag told her? Will she find out about Jordan’s powers? We’re about to find out.

Sam’s Kryptonite Secret Exposed

After Clark is hit with Kryptonite, he confronts his father-in-law and tells him he didn’t think he would open fire on a kid with superheroes, let alone with weapons laced with Kryptonite. Sam’s argument is that he wanted to get Tag back because he attacked Jordan.

The one part of this whole situation that annoys Clark is that Sam called Tag a monster, rather than using his name.

Jordan Accidentally Hurts Jonathan

As Jordan’s powers continue to go haywire, he, Jonathan, and some of the football team are confronted by players from Metropolis High’s team. Jordan stands up to the lead player who is now dating his brother’s ex-girlfriend only for Jon to step in to pull him back.

Jordan goes to stop him and accidentally breaks his brother’s arm. Calling for their father, Jon is rushed to the hospital where the doctor puts a cast on his arm and says he might not be able to play Quarterback again, much to his devastation.

In the morning, Jordan talks with his mother about his powers where he breaks down in her arms. However, disaster strikes when his powers glitch out, causing him to collapse and writher on the ground. Horrified, Lois calls for her husband who uses his x-ray vision to determine what’s wrong. Alarmed, he takes off with his son to the Fortress of Solitude.

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