And Trump’s At It Again! Australian Journalist Calls President Out On His Bullshit!


Most journalists would just let Donald Trump walk all over them. Not Australian political journo, Jonathan Swan who has called the president out on all his BS.

American journalists are soft when it comes to President Donald Trump as they fear he could end their careers with a simple phone call. However, their Australian counterparts are as gutsy as they come. Look at Jonathan Swan for example. He has spent the last couple of days trending on Twitter after calling the Commander-in-chief out on his bullshit.

What makes this so amazing is the fact Swan did not back down the way other journalists would have. He stuck to his guns and gave Trump the truth that America’s coronavirus numbers are not going down like claimed. They are going up. Then, he even mentioned the Ghislaine Maxwell saga.

Trump had the nerve to wish the Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand woman well as she currently sits in a prison cell. Swan has become a living meme given his incredulous facial expressions to the president’s outrageous claims. This would be tough on anyone in the media, but he’s taken it in stride.

Our Thoughts

Just watching the first five minutes of the interview, we could tell the whole thing was a colossal train wreck. All Trump did was repeat the previous thing he said. Swan clearly sees what a despicable man the president is and is willing to call him out. We applaud his commitment to his craft and his willingness to call out bullshit when he sees it.

The one we don’t get and we don’t think Swan understands either is the whole ‘manual’ gibberish Trump was sprouting in regards to how many tests are being administrated. The guy has no idea what the numbers mean. Since he’s been in office, most of his staff has quit and his daughter, Ivanka and son-in-law Jarred are not even supposed to be involved with his administration. This whole situation is just one. Huge. MESS.

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