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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: U.S. Agent Is A Massive Kiss Ass!


John Walker is what you might call the world’s largest kiss ass!

Poor Sam and Bucky! First, they have their own struggles to deal with but then they must deal with a Captain America wannabe in the form of John Walker. From their very first interaction, it is very clear that Barnes wants zero to do with him. Not to mention, he tells Wilson off for giving up the shield in the first place, knowing that Steve had given it to him for a reason.

Walker is a pretty boy who begins his time as “Captain America” with doubts, despite having served time in the army. The crowds adore him as the new Cap, but not everyone loves him. Bucky is seen watching the television interview of him at a football game and he’s far from happy hence the reason he blows up at Sam several times.

Unlike Steve, Walker has the military training to take on the mantle but was not given any form of super soldier serum. He was a fan of Rogers and followed his career closely.

Despite not wanting to be like Steve, Walker does share similar aspects to him. He has a sidekick/best friend in the form of Lemar Hoskins/Battlestar, who is basically U.S. Agent’s version of Sam and Bucky. As fun as it is to have another Cap team, it also goes against what the OG Captain America wanted.

This is what Bucky was upset about. By giving the shield to someone else, it means diminishing the legacy Steve left behind.If there was one person who understood the code the original Cap lived by, it was Barnes. Yes, Sam did as well, but the former HYDRA sleeper agent knew him better as he’d grown up with him.

Walker had better watch out because the OG Team Cap is fiercely protective of their friend’s legacy.

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