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Home And Away: John Palmer vs. The Paratas

John Palmer vs. The Paratas

John Palmer vs. The Paratas… Sounds like a wrestling announcement! The longtime Summer Bay local hates the new family in town. How far will he go to run them out of town?

John Palmer doesn’t like anyone! Even so that he is hating the newest family in Summer Bay, the Paratas. If anything, he should be thankful that Ari looked after Marilyn during the hospital siege. Now that the trio, consisting of Ari, his sister-in-law Gemma and nephew Nikau have moved into their house, he’s silently fuming because he sees them as dangerous. Look out H&A fans because it’s just turned into John Palmer vs. the Paratas!

John Palmer vs. The Paratas

For those fans who have been watching Home and Away for a while will know John doesn’t take kindly to most newcomers. He didn’t like Ash to begin with before they became chummy. In last night’s episode, Dean tells Nikau not to take John’s dislike to him personally. This was a nice thing to see from the former Mangrove River alumni as he’s had to take on being a guardian to Bella while Colby’s in hospital.

Nik tells Dean it’s a bit hard not to take John’s criticism personally as he’s living with him and Marilyn. To make it worse, in the whole John Palmer vs. the Paratas conflict, the Juice Bar boss looks for any excuse to kick Nikau out and when Bella accidentally hits a pool ball to hard off the table, John kicks them and Ryder out.

What makes the situation even more tense is at the end of the episode where John Googles the Paratas and finds articles written about what happened to Gemma’s husband/Nik’s dad/Ari and Tane’s brother. We’ll see tonight that John tells Marilyn he knows the family’s secret and that they’re not the good people she thinks they are.

Another part of the promo shows Marilyn talking to Roo about it with her friend telling her that her instincts are usually right. What happens with that is anyone’s guess. Summer Bay has transformed a lot of people over the years, and John just expects it to remain the same.

John Threatens To Leave

We also see John threat to leave if Marilyn doesn’t give the Paratas their marching orders. This is going to cause a lot of issues between the couple who are parents to adoptive son, Jett.

Marilyn has always had a good heart and will help anyone in need of it. John knows this and should remember that her instincts are usually never wrong. John should take a long hard look at himself. He didn’t trust the Braxtons in the beginning either due to their gang connections, but they became civil.

John has been married three times. the first time he had a stepson who was nothing but trouble. Then he was married to Gina and he didn’t get along with Xavier to start with until he found common ground. After Gina died, John married Marilyn and they adopted Jett. John had better watch himself because he’ll his wife if he doesn’t behave himself. Well, that of Irene and Alf have a go at him. Actually, it would be only Irene as Alf’s away.

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