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Superman & Lois: The Identity Of ‘Captain Luthor’ Is Revealed While Jordan’s Super Hearing Comes Into Play


We finally have the identity of Captain Luthor as a man named Irons…

We’ve had to play catch up with Superman & Lois this week as we’ve been having a hard time watching it. Anyway, we now know who ‘Captain Luthor’ is and it’s someone we hadn’t even thought of. The Season 1 villain outside of Morgan Edge is John Henry Irons better known as ‘Steel’ in the comics.

In the comics, John Henry Irons becomes a superhero after the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday. He also had a niece, Natasha who would follow in his footsteps. However, their history in the Arrowverse is very different.

Irons was married to his Earth’s Lois Lane and they had a child named Nat. When his wife exposes the evil Superman’s weakness on television, John and their daughter watch as she is killed. This prompts her grieving husband and child to build a suit of armour in order to get revenge.

Jonathan is forced to cover for Jordan at school when his super-hearing suddenly kicks him. This only continues to heighten the suspicions of Sarah who knows something odd is going on. Meanwhile, Clark struggles to teach his son to control his newest power. He also helps Lois with her investigation into Morgan Edge.

Jordan’s Accidental Eavesdropping Causes Friction With Jonathan And Rescuing Clark

It’s never been a secret that Jordan has a crush on Sarah Cushing. For a while, she’s gotten the sense that something isn’t right and the Kent boys are hiding something. When she confronts Jon after wearing him off one of the girls who is not in his league, he attempts to cover for his brother.

However, Sarah still can’t shake the feeling something’s off with her two new friends. She and Jonathan start talking which is overheard and misinterpreted by Jordan as his twin moving in on his ‘not girlfriend’. This causes him to punch through a wall though it does help him in the long run.

With some control over his new ability, Jordan hears his father’s distress when he is captured by Irons. After collapsing in the hallway, he and Jon go after their dad while stealing their mother’s car. Little do they realise, tLois is en route after being told by a member of the DoD that is in contact with Sam that the man they’re after died six years ago.

The boys beat their mother to where Irons is holding Clark hostage and manages to knock him out before he can deliver the fate blow their dad.

Home Again

Once at home, Jonathan apologises to his brother for being so mean to him while Jordan admits that eavesdropping on him and Sarah was a low blow. Their parents walk in and tell them, that their actions were impulsive and reckless, it was the right thing to do. Lois and Clark tell them that they were raised to tell the truth so it is only fair that they themselves do the same.

Meanwhile, Irons sits in a prison cell at the DoD awaiting interrogation.

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