Sandra Bullock’s Ex-Husband, Jesse James Is In The Headlines Again For Cheating On His Current Wife

Jesse James

Does it come to anyone’s surprise that Hollywood darling Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, Jesse James would cheat on his current wife? Nope… none at all.

He is the former Mister Sandra Bullock. After his first cheating scandal, Jesse James’ life as a Hollywood husband all but disappeared. He lost his wife and by extension, their adoptive son Louis in the divorce.

Sandra went through with the adoption of her son alone after her ex backed out during their divorce proceedings.

In 2010, sometime after Sandra won her Oscar for Best Actress in The Blind Side, InTouch Magazine reveals her husband’s cheating ways.

Now, almost ten years on, the same thing is happening with Jesse James’ fourth wife, Alexis DeJoria. Apparently, he cheated on her with at least 20 women, according to InTouch magazine.

Again, why aren’t we surprised this happened years after his first cheating scandal? It sounds to us that he has a sex addiction and bad one at that. Sounds like the Tiger Woods affair all over again.

See, here’s the thing about men like this guy. He can’t keep his privates to himself and every women he has fornicates with can’t resist him? Keep your lust to yourselves! If he’s going to constantly be unfaithful, go and sleep with a different woman every night. Don’t be married and go behind her back.

Jesse James’ first marriage lasted almost eleven years. His second ended after two. The third which was to Sandra, ended after five while the fourth one finished after seven years.

We’re not going to go over every marriage and vilify Jesse James. We have better things to do. He’s a sex addict and he needs some serious help. Thank god Sandra continued Louis’ adoption on her own. There is no way she would have wanted her son to have a father like Jesse James.

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