Jeffree Star Is A Grade-A Scumball – Allegations Of Sexual Assault Have Made The Headlines


Scumball. That is what we’re choosing to call YouTube powerhouse, Jeffree Star. He has made the headlines for sexual assaulting people and then giving them hush money to keep silent.

Jeffree Star is a colossal scumball and we don’t care if his stans come after us! The man has allowed fame and fortune to go to his head. An investigation has been done by the publication, Insider which has revealed how toxic the YouTube really is.

Star, whose real name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr, has been accused by former friends and associates of sexually abusing a large string of people and then paying his victims up to $10,000 to keep them silent. Like what the AF?!

This is a man who has accused rival BeautyTuber James Charles of being a sexual predator, but he is doing it himself. What a lowlife! He has so much money and power and believes he is a god and a gift to the world. Jeffree is not any of those things. As we’ve said before. Total scumball.

Star thinks it’s cool to call out other people, but not take accountability for himself. The scumball needs to look at himself from the outside and we doubt very much he would like what he would see. A self-serving man who doesn’t think the law applies to him. Not to mention a massive racist that his stans will ALWAYS defend.

We’ve watched enough tea-spilling videos from Spill Sesh and Smokey Glow to know that Jeffree is not someone who backs down easily. He will throw anyone and everyone under the bus to cover up the truth. He is a criminal and his stans are basically standing up for him. God!

To Scumball Jeffree’s Stans…

Dear Jeffree’s stans,

We understand you love Jeffree’s work, but you need to think about who you are supporting. You might not believe that he is guilty of any wrongdoing, but look at the facts. The media is being told of these allegations by people around him and who what type of person he is. If they wanted money, they would’ve taken the $10,000 he offered them to keep quiet.

If someone who cared about was a victim of this scumball and they told you about it, what would you do? Would believe them or would you stand by your ‘idol’? Choose very wisely.

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