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Jealousy And Incestuous Lust: Why Robert Xie Murdered The Lin Family


The Lin family deserved to live full lives, but that was taken away from them by their spiteful and jealous in-law, Robert Xie…

They say jealousy can make you do terrible things including murdering your own extended family. This happened to Robert Xie, a man who was deeply envious of his more successful in-laws, the Lin family. While we will not go into all the details of what happened, we will go into why this slimeball chose to murder.

[Please bear in mind that this article does contain mentions of incest and murder – CAUTION ADVISED]

A Once Successful Doctor But Failed Business Owner

When Robert Xie was living in China, he claimed he was a successful Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. However, the Police could only find that he was a shoe salesman. He moved to Australia in 2006 and attempted to open a restaurant, but the business venture failed.

This upset him as he thought he was entitled to success. We’ll get back to that in a little while.

Motives For Killing The Lin Family

While Robert was convicted on circumstantial evidence, there were two possible motives for him killing the Lin family.

The first motive was jealousy. As we mentioned above, Xie was jealous of the success of his in-laws. He thought that he deserved to have what his in-laws had. He wanted everything they had. It should also be noted that a loss of face had significance in Chinese Culture. Robert wanted his brother-in-law’s money also.

The second motive came up much later when Brenda told the Police that her uncle had made unwanted advances towards her. He might have killed her family to get access to her. While this does make some sense, the first motive is more likely.

Personality Traits

Okay, so we’ve covered what Xie did prior to killing the Lin family and what motived him to do it. But, what was his personality like?

From what we can gather, he motivated by greed and lust for money and a woman who was his niece. He was also didn’t show remorse for what he did because he thought he would get away with killing the people viewed him as family.

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