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Home And Away: Jasmine Worries That Christian Could Replace Robbo As Grace’s Dad


Jasmine has always had a close bond with Baby Grace. She even developed an obsession with her. Now that she is better, does she need to worry that Tori’s new man, Christian will replace Robbo as the little girl’s dad?

Can Jasmine just take a step back? She is not Grace’s mother and she has just come away from her obsession with her stepdaughter. In tonight’s episode, the nurse and widow sees Tori and Christian playing happy families with the baby and she fears the hot doc will replace Robbo as the infant’s father.

Jasmine vents to Irene that Christian could be the man Grace calls ‘dad’. The diner owner makes a point when she says that Tori and the doc aren’t even together. This is where the whole thing makes us wanna scream ‘You get no say!’. The nurse has no right to stick her nose in.

Yes, she was married to Robbo, but there is no way Tori would ever allow Grace to forget who her biological dad was. She even has a series of photos hanging on the wall in her daughter’s room. Jasmine seems to forget that she was obsessed with her stepdaughter at one point.

As much as we love Sam Frost, she did an amazing job at playing unhinged during that storyline and let’s hope that history is not repeating itself. We just wish that Jasmine would stop worrying about things that might not happen and don’t really concern her. Tori is Grace’s mum and nothing will ever change that.

We condemn Sam and Penny on handling this storyline with total grace (no pun intended). Let’s hope that this storyline doesn’t become a rehash of the Jasmine obsession. we just want Tori to be happy for once. Is that so much to ask? Please?

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