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Home and Away: Jasmine Basically Kidnaps Grace!

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Jasmine has been unstable since discovering she was never pregnant with Robbo’s baby. She kidnaps baby Grace because she thinks it’s her right to honour her husband.

A frantic Tori rings Justin after being told by Marilyn that Jasmine had taken Grace because a ‘stranger’ [Tane Parata] had stayed at the Palmer house. However, her so-called concern makes her kidnap the infant. She tells Maz that the doctor didn’t like that her daughter would be in a house with someone she didn’t know. This is basically code for “give me the baby”. In other words, she kidnaps the infant.

Jasmine is still mourning Robbo who died three months earlier. Grace is her only connection to him that she has left. Yes, she helped her husband raise his daughter when Tori was in her coma, but that doesn’t give her a right to take the baby.

When Marilyn and Irene confront her, Jasmine says it wasn’t a big deal and that she was only doing what Robbo would’ve done. Ahh… he would have trusted Maz’s instincts. Yes, he was protective over his daughter but for a good reason. His first two kids were murdered.

Marilyn feels terrible about what happened though none of it was her fault. Irene and Leah tell her that there’s got to be a logical explanation.

Jasmine’s mind is all over the place. She thinks she is honouring her husband, but she has no legal right to Grace. Yes, she’s her stepmum, but she is NOT Tori and shouldn’t pretend that she does. If she kidnaps the baby again, she will be banned for her stepdaughter’s life permanently. She’ll only have herself to blame if that happens.

Is it just us or does it look like Jasmine is jealous of Tori for having Robbo’s child? We can just imagine how the doc’s going to feel about the whole situation. She should have also taken Marilyn’s feelings into consideration. Jasmine knows that Maz would never put Grace in danger.

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