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Home and Away: Is Jasmine’s Obsession With Baby Grace About To Come Undone?

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Jasmine is getting better at hiding her obsession with her stepdaughter but is her plan about come undone?

Jasmine is over stepping with Grace but she’s taking precautions to avoid getting caught. However, will whatever her plan is come undone? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves for the last couple of days as the stepmum of one has been pretending to be the mother of Tori and Robbo’s daughter online.

She’s been taking photos with Grace and passing her off as her baby on a mummy forum. Jasmine was almost busted when she posts a photo of herself with a caption underneath. Someone points out that she’s at Summer Bay Gym.

The next day when Jasmine and Willow are talking about the Mums and Bubs Yoga class they want to start, a woman comes in and introduces herself. She knows the nurse’s name as she’s also a member of the parenting forum.

Jasmine is hesitant to talk to her, not wanting her plan to be Grace’s mother to come out. However, her best friend, Willow is suspicious of everything that is going on, but she pretends she hasn’t seen anything.

What’s more to this is that while Jasmine is trying to hide her obsession, she is being sneaky about it and she’s making Tori seem like she’s losing her mind. Why do we think that? Well, she’s stealing Grace’s things and making it look like the stuff keeps going missing.

We also need to take into consideration that she said she wanted to take a mums and bubs yoga class when she was pregnant. That’s when she had to correct herself and sat when she thought she was.

Why Is Jasmine Taking Grace’s Stuff? Could Jasmine Find A Way To Get Custody Of Grace?

While this is just a hunch, could Jasmine be wanting to get custody of Grace by pretending that Tori is an unfit parent? For all we know she could falsify DNA results to make it look like the baby is hers.

As we mentioned before, Jasmine appears to be trying to create a situation for herself where she can basically say she’s Grace’s mother. We’ve stated in earlier posts that she is not herself and hasn’t been since Robbo died. She has done everything in her power to make Tori feel like she needs to have her around.

Finally, she also loves rubbing in the fact that she is Grace’s stepmum and that Robbo would ‘want’ her to protect his daughter. However, what gives her the right to try and take over?

It’s possible that with what happens with Nikau stealing Tori’s car, that this might Jasmine’s way of getting her hands on Grace. She could argue that the doctor purposefully left the infant in the vehicle.

She’s just waiting for the right moment to strike.

How Could Jasmine Come Undone In The Long Run?

There’s a load of ways Jasmine could come undone. Let’s look at a few possibilities.

Our first option is Willow. She and Jasmine have been at odds in recently months and she’s noticed how strange the nurse has been acting. She might go to Justin with her concerns.

Second option is Justin himself. He and Jasmine are still at odds over everything that has been happening lately. Being the big brother that he is, he has been trying to convince his sister to cut her baby’s stepmother out of their lives.

A third option is Tori herself. We know she is going to freak out when Nikau takes her car. If Jasmine were to pull anything after this, she would tell her to back off.

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