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Home And Away: Jade Causes More Issues For Ryder


To say Ryder’s life has become a living hell thanks to Jade framing him for creating a sex tape is the understatement of the decade…

Ryder thought he had found the girl of his dreams in Jade. She was fun, sexy and an all around flirty, but he failed to see her dark side. After seeing her steal money from Salt, he tells their boss and Dean’s half-sister, Mackenzie.

To get back at her new beau, Jade seduces Ryder into bed and creates a sex tape without him knowing. She then creates an online account in his name and posts it before she proceeds to play the victim. It gets worse when Alf’s grandson walks down to the beach and she starts to talking to him. The new guy, Nikau is quick to jump to her defence, and refuses to listen when Ryder tries to explain that Jade’s dangerous.

A fight breaks out between the pair and Ben is forced to break it up. Ryder is then escorted home where he is forced to reveal to his grandfather, Alf and step-grandmother Martha what happened despite his Aunt Roo’s protests.

Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

From the second they meet on the beach, Nikau is immediately taken by Jade’s charms. He believes every word that comes out of her mouth despite what Ryder tells him. Jade wraps him around her little finger and buys him dinner as a ‘thank you’ for ‘saving’ her from Ryder. She even calls him her ‘knight in shining armor’ before kissing him.

Nikau might respect the ladies, but he needs to wake up if he’s going to survive Summer Bay. Wonder how he’s going to react after he discovers his Uncle Ari was caught up in the hospital siege that killed Mason.

Jade thinks she’s so smooth, but her lies are going to come unravelled and we can’t wait!

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