Stargirl: Addressing The Jade Situation

We discuss the situation going with Jade appearing in Stargirl Season 2…

Hey everyone, CJ here! I don’t usually write first-person posts when I’m talking about Stargirl and most other things here on Project Fangirl, but I felt this needed a personalised touch. There’s been casting announcements the last couple of weeks regarding new members of the cast for the show’s second season. I’ve already addressed the casting for The Shade and Eclipso, but there was another name attached to that report; Ysa Penarejo who’d been placed in a yet-to-be announced role. Now, a lot of people have jumped on the whole ‘she’s portraying Jade’ train. Now, this is what I wanted to talk about.

When the announcement of Ysa’s casting came out, a short time after this, a report from Full Circle Cinema alleged that she was playing Jade. I have no issues with them as a source. I trust them completely as I’ve used them before as a source. However, the origin of where they received the information is something I’m wary of.

Before I continue, I wanted to stress that when it comes to journalism, there is no right or wrong. Sometimes information is often incorrect. I’m not the type of person who is going to expose a publication for clicks. This is not what this is about. I write for a number of publications and I’ve learned from my editors what is a good source and what is a bad one.

I also want to say that Jade has not been confirmed to Season 2 yet.

Where The Source Came From

Full Circle Cinema’s source was a Stargirl Facebook group. Now, when it comes to social media groups and pages, I often steer clear of them as they are often looking for clout and clicks. A lot of YouTube channels are known for the same thing. More on that later.

Now, before I go on, I want to thank Jillian (TotallyWitchy) for this little piece of information. The Facebook group in question has at least 10k followers. The guy who runs it claims Geoff Johns invited him and his family to set during the filming of Season 1. He also alleges – that’s the keyword here – that he has spoken to the cast in live streams and on Zoom. Now, there is no proof to support these claims.

While he has been known to get things right about the show, he is seen as problematic. For those who aren’t aware, the cast and crew would be under Non Disclosure Agreements. Talking to anyone outside of production breaks this contract, though it’s unclear where family sits. I doubt they would say anything that is spoiler-y.

I also want to mention that Stargirl TV also reported the Jade ‘news’ as well. However, no other publication outside of the smaller ones have said anything. He has been in the Entertainment Industry. I trust him as a source given his experience. However, he has a ‘source’ but didn’t reveal who it is.

The goal of this post is not to call anyone out. Please do not twist my words around. I just wanted to tell anyone who is following production to be wary of what they read online. The Stargirl Wiki and I have tweeted about it. See my retweet below:

[Credit: Twitter]

Is There Any Proof That These Jade Rumours May Be Actually True?

As I have said before, Stargirl TV and the the guy who runs the Facebook group are likely right and Ysa is playing at least, a Green Lantern. There is even evidence to support this. However, this does not mean she is playing Jade. However, knowing my luck, this probably the case.

There is a photo of Ysa that was floating around Twitter wearing what looks like an old fashioned lantern ring. It looks similar to what Alan Scott would’ve worn. A colleague of mine on one of the publications I write for found it while surfacing the Twitterverse.

[Credit: Twitter]

Now, I wanted to stress that while it looks like Ysa is playing Jade, there is a chance that she’s not playing the Jennifer-Lynn Hayden version.

Yes, there was more than one Jade in the comics. The second one is Nicki Jones. However she is not as well-known as Jennifer-Lynn Hayden. There’s variations of the character that exist in different storylines like Kingdom Come.

How Do You Know I’m Telling The Truth?

Now, if you’re wary of the media telling porkies, you have every right not to believe me. However, I can tell you now that when I started Project Fangirl I always intended to publish posts with verified information. I have always believed in proper journalism ethics. Even before I did a course on screen and media at TAFE.

Having studied film and television when I was at university, I had to learn to think outside the box. I also volunteered on my High School’s technical crew and I had to learn to adapt pretty quickly. Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the blog and my reliability.

I was always on time for class and I would always check my facts when I researched anything. I can often tell a dodgy source from a reliable one and if I’m unsure, I will ask.

So, I encourage anyone who follows the Stargirl Fandom to not be afraid of asking questions. If you see a source and aren’t sure whether its BS, please reach out to me or one of the admins. We’re here to help. If you need an explanation ask away. We don’t mind and there’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to the show. We’re a community who want the same thing; a peaceful place to talk all things Stargirl.

Example Of A Clout Chaser

Now, as I said earlier, there are people who will do anything for clicks. Just because a site, a group, or any kind of media says something, doesn’t mean it’s true. Basically, these types of individuals are clout chasers. In other words, they spread misinformation just to get clicks and followers. One example of this is Grace Randolph.

If you’re unfamiliar with her, you’re not missing out on much. She is the type of person who is downright terrible person who only cares about clicks. She has almost a million YouTube subscribers on her channel, ‘Beyond the Trailer’. Randolph is a failed comic book writer and claims to have sources in Hollywood. She is known for spreading misinformation and has been called out for lying by big time directors. James Gunn and Cathy Yan have both had a go at her for spreading fake news about their movies.

Recently, she was called out by Shawn McBee, a graphic designer on Stargirl. Her crime? She did a video where she claimed that everyone working on the show hated Geoff Johns.

Shawn came out swinging on Twitter saying that this wasn’t true as he worked on the show and she had never been on set. He even said that he knows dozens of people who have worked with Geoff and none of them have a bad word to say about him. Also, Randolph hadn’t even met the cast.

[Credit: Twitter – @StargirlPod – Stargirl Aftershow]

Randolph is also known to block people who try to prove she is in the wrong. I’ve seen a couple of her videos and she comes across as fake. Almost a million people believe a person like and it is just really sad. If the cast and crew hated Johns, they wouldn’t be working on Season 2 right now.

Final Thoughts

As I stated earlier, this post was never about calling people out. It is about addressing what’s going on with the Jade rumour. I want an answer too because if I don’t know who is playing who, it annoys me until it’s announced.

If you want to know accurate sources use sites like The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly as a couple of examples. Also, if you want a YouTuber who doesn’t provide clout and actually cares about Stargirl, check out Pagey.

Finally, I wanted to apologise for this post going off the topic of Jade. There was a lot I wanted to get into this post.

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