Batwoman: Jada Reveals A Secret About Marquis To Ryan That Links To Batman And Joker


[CAUTION: This Post Contains Spoilers For Batwoman S03E05: A Lesson From Professor Pyg]

Jada isn’t so bad. This week’s Batwoman has just made us question everything we thought we knew about the Jets. So, there’s a link between Marquis, The Joker, and possibly, Batman if the situation is the one we think it is. Everything in the show links in some way. Furthermore, for it to join up with Kate and Bruce’s story in the past was always a possible scenario, storywise

After a disastrous dinner party, which sees the chef cutting off the head of a suckling pig and wearing it to terrorise Jada, things are going downhill fast. Ryan learns that Marquis had a confrontation with the Joker when he was a child.

As Jada explains, Marquis’ school bus was hijacked, and Joker placed his joy buzz to his forehead, sending a jolt to his brain. While he was physically fine, his personality changed. It became so bad that he spiked his father’s burger with peanut butter, and it kills him. Marquis enjoyed watching his dad die.

Last week, we gushed about how much he loved Marquis, but now we’re not so sure. It was terrifying to see him go psycho on the Professor Pyg dude by hacking into him. After Jada had spoken to Ryan about Marquis being sick, we witness the guy still splattered in blood and draws on his face, like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

Was The Hijacked Bus The One That Batman Saved In The Batwoman Pilot?

Moreover, we need to ask whether the bus was the same one the Joker hijacked that forced Gabi Kane’s car off that bridge? It’s possible as the accident would’ve happened either before or during 2003. Kate and Beth had just turned thirteen when their mother died. Her death occurred on their birthday.

There is a four year age gap between the Kane twins and Marquis. He would’ve been nine at the time of his run-in with the Joker if it is the same incident. Hopefully, this will be explored in a later episode.

That brings us to Marquis’s psychology. Is he aware he’s doing what he is doing? It appears he does as his mother has had to go behind his back to try and find a cure for his “condition”. If he knew what she was doing, he would probably try to stop her or do something he can’t take back.

Is Jada Being Sincere In Actually Wanting Marquis To Get Better?

Jada has been nothing but a downright cow since she arrived in Gotham on her private helicopter. She has been cruel to Ryan by saying she doesn’t want her anywhere near her family. However, in this week’s episode, she did a massive 180.

She called Ryan her daughter for the first time when she was willing to sacrifice herself to Professor Pyg. For all we know, it might be a ruse to get what she wants and then dump her daughter all over again. It wouldn’t surprise us, but we’ve seen stranger things happen in other shows. For example, Cindy becoming a member of the JSA in Stargirl springs to mind.

Anyway, we saw Marquis’ behaviour with the blood and we think Jada might be telling the truth. Though, we do think she wants her son to get better? It’s hard to tell her sincerity yet, given her track record with Ryan. Do we believe that she had no idea that her men were doing things illegally? Hard to say. As the story continues to play out we shall see.

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