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SUSSEX THEORY: Did Prince Harry Get Jack Dorsey Fired From His Job As CEO Of Twitter?


Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has quit his job. It came out of the blue, and no one saw it coming. A new boss of the social media giant has been put in place the same day as his resignation in the form of Parag Agrawal. We reported a while back that Prince Harry was psychic and predicted the Capitol Hill Riots in January 2021. In the post we did, we spoke about a handful of things including, the misinformation summit that the rogue royal did where he all but outed himself as a Twitter user. How else did he know about what was said about Meghan online? In our post, we mentioned our good friend Sue Smith did a video where she discovered that the Duke of Sussex (allegedly) has a private Twitter account.

During the misinformation summit, Harry alleges that he contacted Jack Dorsey about the riots. However, he claims his email was ignored. Now, where is his proof? Also, where is the evidence that he emailed the Twitter CEO at all? All we have is his word, which isn’t credible.

Anyway, that brings ups to the topic of this theory post. Blogger and YouTuber Duchess of Narsussex posted an interesting video regarding the Insurrection. The video, entitled, Is the royal family being framed? bought up an interesting question; did Harry get Jack Dorsey fired from his position?

The Pieces Of The Puzzle – Did Harry Get Jack Fired?

So, as we’ve mentioned, Jack left his job as the CEO of Twitter, and it happened without warning to the public. Usually, it takes time to find a replacement. So, please tell us it’s a coincidence that someone took over immediately.

The whole reason this is a theory is because of how quickly things happened. The Aspen Misinformation Summit was three weeks ago. Now, we don’t know about you, but Jack either quitting his job or being fired is a massive red flag, and could Harry have something to do with it?

We’re not saying that Harry had anything to do with Jack leaving his job. However, this is a similar situation to what happened with Bob Iger. Not long after The Lion King premiere, Iger stepped down as the boss of Disney.

Ties To The Insurrection And The Twitter CEO’s Firing

So, we all know that Harry said he tried to warn Jack. But, Duchess of Narsussex discovered tweets (seen the video linked above) where someone boasted on Twitter that Kensington Palace had allegedly leaked information to Parler, the social media outlet made famous by Donald Trump.

What we don’t know is whether this is true. As the Duchess of Narsussex questions in her video, how do these tweeters know this? Anyway, someone commented on her video and said it’s possible Harry framed Kensington Palace by using a VPN to make it appear that KP was posting to Parler.

Now, we’re still struggling to get our heads around how this directly ties to the Insurrection. Ultimately, this makes us question how this got Jack fired or forced him to quit. Given that someone replaced him, this was going for a while. We know that Harry has ties to Twitter as a couple of his “business dealings” has shares in the social media giant.

The Sussex Squad are complacent. So, some of them asked Christopher Bouzy, whom we’ve denounced as a fraud, to dig into Kensington Palace. Much of these tweets are garbage. But apparently, all roads lead to an account on (presumably Parler) being linked to Kensington Palace. Ultimately, this leads back to Harry allegedly emailing Dorsey.

Two Options/Theories

There are so many questions. However, we’re going to pull out two options of how this links together.

#1: Harry Frames Kensington Palace And Then Turns Jack In To The Board Of Twitter

The first is the VPN theory that one of Duchess of Narsussex’s commenters theorised. So, let’s say that Harry has secret social media accounts, which we believe he does. One of these might be a Parler account. To prevent suspicion from being pushed back to him, he uses a VPN. However, he keeps the VPN locked on the Kensington Palace area.

We need to note that just because the tweets in DoN’s video says Kensington Palace doesn’t mean that it’s inside the palace. The data could’ve been in the area, but the closest lock would’ve been KP.

After browsing through social media, Harry decides to fake a story where he emailed Jack Dorsey about the riots. However, he does not reveal this plan to anyone. He waits until he has the ideal platform to tell this story. When the story does come out, Twitter investigates with Harry somehow planting fake evidence, which gets Dorsey fired.

In Harry’s mind, by “exposing” how he emailed Jack and how he’d tried to prevent the Insurrection, he would be seen as an international hero. However, he’s not the tactical or strategic type. He can barely write his own speeches, let alone keep a plan in play for more than a month. So, we doubt he would formulate this type of plan.

#2: Jack Confronts Harry Over Email, And The Prince Makes False Claims Against Him

So, what if he did get the alleged email and confronted Harry over it? Now, why would he do this? For any number of reasons. If we had to use one, it would be the lie that the rogue royal and his wife hate all social media but still use it. Ultimately, this is just an example. Harry, not liking that Dorsey confronted him for telling porkies, decides to report him.

Harry invents a narrative where the board of Twitter cannot ignore it, and they fire Jack and install someone else. If this were a legitimate theory, we’d say that Harry uses the race card as it seems to be the go-to card. He could’ve claimed that Jack made a racist comment about Meghan, even though he didn’t.

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