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Duchess Meghan Use To Idolise Ivanka Trump – What Happened?


There is nothing wrong with having friends in high places, but if one of those people is a Trump? Back in her pre-royal days, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex actually idolised First Daughter, Ivanka.

What’s a trip down memory lane without a little fire? Okay, we don’t mean that literally. We know where the former Meghan Markle, now The Duchess of Sussex sits on the political scale, despite the fact she should be keeping her opinions to herself given she has a foreign title. But, before 2016, her blog, The Tig was still active as she starred on the legal drama, Suits as Rachel Zane. On her site, she often spoke to celebrities about their passions and one of those she had a TIG TALK with was Ivanka Trump on The Tig, whose father is now the President of the United States. Small world, right? Very.

Now, you’re probably wondering how Meghan and Ivanka even knew each other. Well, we don’t know but from what we’ve discovered through the power of a little digging through the nifty archival tool The Wayback Machine, she the now Duchess greatly admired the First Daughter prior to her father becoming the POTUS.

Now, what exactly happened between the one-time friends that got our little Megsy in such a bind? Well, if we had to guess, The Donald’s way of running America. As much as we cannot stand Meghan or Ivanka, the then-actress had a genuine reason to steer clear of the now First Daughter and Trump’s ‘little princess’.

What Does The TIG TALK With Ivanka Reveal About Meghan’s Once Association With Her?

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

It’s clear from the TIG TALK post that Meghan greatly admired Ivanka because of her hard work. She even admits that she adored the Trump heiress’ jewellery collection to the point she would spend hours “window shopping” on her laptop.

Nothing wrong with that.

Meghan thought it would a great idea (at the time, mind you this was 2014 – two years before Donald’s bid for the White House) to email Ivanka and see if she was interested in doing a TIG TALK segment. To the actress’ surprise, the heiress got back to her immediately and her answers were ‘honest’.

How Did Meghan’s ‘Friendship’ With Ivanka Sour?

[Credit: Glamour]

It’s unclear if Meghan and Ivanka even had a ‘friendship’. Sure, they set up a dinner for the next time the then-actress was in New York but doesn’t mean anything.

Ivanka has always had a close bond with her father as his eldest daughter and clearly favourite child. She will believe anything that comes out of her father’s mouth and is always ready to stand up to defend him. If what her stepmother, Melania has claimed is true (according to the BBC), she is definitely Donald’s ‘princess’.

While she was a working royal, Meghan had to keep her mouth shut about her views on politics. Now that she is back in America, she apparently has ‘found her voice’ again. She has also made it clear, she despises Donald. This would’ve rubbed Ivanka up the wrong way.

If you ask most sane people, they will say they hate Trump and what he has done to America. Well, Meghan is one of those apparently sane individuals to take a stand against the corrupt and crooked POTUS.

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