Coronavirus: List Of Products That Are Being Limited


With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, certain supermarket items are being restricted.

With COVID 19 spreading across the world, people are being to panic and are now hoarding essential items. Everything from toilet paper (#toiletpapergate) to hand sanitiser are flying off the shelves. It’s gotten so bad that supermarkets have now set aside a special trading hour for the elderly and those who are vulnerable. However, there’s been only a few lists on what products are being restricted. So, we’ve put together a huge list of stuff that you might need to look elsewhere for.


  • Toilet Paper – was originally restricted to four packs but due to increased demand, this has been cut back to one per customer
  • Dry Rice – 2 items per customer
  • Mince – 2 items per customer
  • Pasta – 2 items per customer
  • Paper Towel – 2 items per customer
  • Hand Sanitiser – 2 items per customer
  • Paper Tissue – 2 items per customer
  • Flour – 2 items per customer

Other Items That Have Become Hard To Buy

  • Period Pads and possibly panty liners (at some supermarkets)
  • Dry Dog food (at certain supermarkets)
  • Toilet Blue (at certain supermarkets)
  • Some hair shampoo (Aldi)
  • Certain types of soap
  • Certain types of dog treats
  • Long life milk
  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Certain medications
  • Some canned goods
  • Body Wash

Please Share Your Hoards With Others!

If there’s one thing that has come to light since #toiletpapergate arose is people have become increasingly greedy. This is very different to what we saw during bushfires where people were actually helping each other! Now, we seeing people fighting over loo rolls like it’s a rare necessity. Then other things like hand sanitiser go flying off the shelves like it’s Black Friday sale.

If you have too much of one product *cough* Toilet Paper *cough* please give some to your neighbours, friends, and family. Basically, people who actually need it. What are you going to do with 150 roles of toot paper? Wrap yourself it and make yourself a mummy?

Stop thinking about yourselves for five seconds and think about the people who go to the supermarket and go about their everyday lives. Also, please don’t do what some people do and send their kids in to get more when they’ve already got their share.

We need to be kind to each other and to do this, we need to stop panic buying. It’s not the end of the world.

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