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Womanizer-in-the-Making Or Tabloid Fodder? Is Jett Kenny A Heartbreaker?

When you’ve got the looks of a Norse god, you’re often the target of girls throwing themselves at you. For lifesaver Jett Kenny, he’s got professional dancers do just that… according to the tabloid magazine Woman’s Day…

Nicknamed Thor, Jett Kenny is the son of Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry. The young model is subject to rumours floating around about the relationship he shares with Lily Cornish.

In the article, titled on Now to Love as Dancing With The Stars’ Jett Kenny’s red-hot romance with four dancers, a ’source’ states Jett is smitten with his partner. They explain three other dancers are envious of their fellow performer. In last night’s episode, Jett admits in the behind-the-scenes package there’s a spark between him and Tasmanian dance pro. You can see the chemistry radiating off them if you watched the show.

Also, the story claims the dancers involved didn’t enjoy Lily being assigned to Jett while they got the other male celebrities. Is this gossip? Yes, we see undeniable chemistry between Kenny and Cornish, but it wouldn’t be the first time this happened between celebrities and their dance partners.

To add to the question, what would the three dancers gain for their envious status? On Studio 10 this morning, Denise Scott joked about how women were throwing themselves at Jett.

There’s no way Lisa and her ex-husband Grant would accept this behaviour if the speculation is correct. Jett is a devoted brother to his two sisters, uncle to his little nephew and son to two of Australia’s most recognised athletes. This just isn’t in the young    Kenny’s nature to womanize. Also, his sister, Morgan would kill him if he was a bad influence for her child.

The tabloids are notorious for spreading lies, and its lost people their jobs. Look at Rebel Wilson for example. She lost film roles because the tabloids in Australia were creating lies about her. She sued them and surprisedly won. Despite what people were saying, she didn’t want the money. She only wanted to make a statement that tabloids spread whispers just to sell magazines.

We’re on your side!

Regarding Jett Kenny, this so-called source is fake as if a real source reported it, a name would be put in to verify the truth. This is not journalism! This is making a tale appear true when it’s not. If one of Jett’s co-stars were to address the gossip to a reliable source like News.com.au, the trashy tabloids create non-existent scandals to drive their revenue. It’s no wonder people boycott them and not give them their money.

Whatever happened to the days where magazines printed the truth? However, the only time we get that is when someone gets married has a baby or defies the odds of illness. It needs to stop. They’re being insensitive to those they’re making up stories about. While the stars just ignore it and don’t comment, a minority of the outside world are gullible enough to believe them. If they kept getting sued, the company would run out of money for court appearances.

As for Jett, he’s still single. He should be happy and not have to worry about what the magazines are saying about him. If he wants to court Lily, he should. It’s his life and he should live it the way he wants!

We’re on your side, Jett! We support you 100% and we wish you luck on Dancing with the Stars.

Now, it’s time to start a conversation! What’s your opinion on the whole situation? Is Jett a womaniser or is he a gentleman? Comment below!

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