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Home And Away: Colby – Ross Nixon Murder Investigation Storyline Questions

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The Ross Nixon murder investigation storyline involving Colby has raised a lot of questions…

Since the climax of the Ross Nixon murder investigation storyline has started to play out, we’ve gotten a load of questions regarding what is going to happen next with Colby.

1. Will Colby Die?

One of the questions we have gotten a lot of is whether Colby will die. Despite spoilers saying he will, we’re going to place this one in the ‘maybe’ pile. We even wrote a theory about what we think will happen.

2. Who Is Witness X?

Angelo scored a mystery witness in his case against Colby and we discovered it was none other than Willow Harris, one of Thorne’s best friends. More on what happened here.

3. Is Colby Leaving?

Now, a question that came up a lot is whether Colby is leaving the show all together. It can be assumed he is because Tim Franklin who plays the former River Boy has not been seen on set or on location in months.

4. Why Would Willow Turn On Colby? What Does Angelo Have On Her?

Given Willow’s connection to Colby and the investigation, there’s something going on that we’re not getting. We know that Harris did not want to betray her friend, but Angelo has something on her.

Willow has always been loyal to Colby so why would she suddenly jump ship? The stress of the investigation likely got to her but we suspect there’s something deeper going on here. Could it have something to do with her father?

5. What Happens With Dean’s Involvement?

Outside of those who know, the police don’t know about Dean’s involvement in Ross’ murder. He has been pushed to confess several times since Angelo rolled back into the Bay.

Whether Dean will confess in an attempt to stop his best mate from going to prison is yet to be seen. Though, it might be a bit late to come forward.

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