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Home And Away: Tori Begins To Question Her Fiancée

Tori begins to question her fiancée when an investigation is launched into the deaths of his patients and the whole situation is triggered when Lewis provokes the surgeon…

An investigation into Christian’s actions and him punching Lewis is causing Tori to question her fiancée. While she supports his decisions regarding what happened to his patients, him getting violent with the male nurse is the last straw. She does not condone anyone punching anyone, no matter whether the person deserved it or not.

According to Back to the Bay, she cannot condone what he did. However, is it enough that it could cause them to break up? A while ago, we wrote about a rumour regarding whether this could happen as set photos revealed she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. Could the investigation and the toll of Lewis’ evil scheme be enough to make her dump her man?

If we’re honest, we’re not sure but whatever happens but it’s going to either end really bad or some other way. As long as Lewis is caught. We also have a bit of information regarding why he hasn’t been caught sooner. He has access to the medication required for the patients to get better. He’s been tampering with it to the point it’s untraceable, according to the aforementioned BttB article.

Since the patients were under Christian’s care, he’s the one responsible for their deaths. There’s also a bit more too. When the surgeon was called into surgery after having a sip of champagne to toast his engagement, Lewis stops him. This causes a delay for the patient to be operated on and they die.

Recent Patient…

Going back to the recent patient, Jasmine sees how happy Lewis is that Christian is being investigated. She also questions whether him putting a complaint after the surgeon punches him is a good idea. This idea was given to him by Tori as she will not have her doctors and nurses being physical towards each other.

Seeing Christian’s mental health spiral is gold for Lewis, but it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught but will it be too late? Also, could he have killed his late wife, Anna and pinned it on Christian? It’s only a matter of time before we find out. It will totally crush Jasmine. She thought she had found someone else after Robbo’s death but could it be too good to be true?

Finally, the recent patient who died’s family wants to sue Christian for malpractice.

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