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Monsters At Work: Our First Look At The Main Cast!

Introducing the cast of Monsters at Work…

We FINALLY more details or rather, a sneaky peek at the cast and characters of the upcoming Disney+-Pixar series, Monsters at Work. The show, which takes place six months after the events of the original film, Monsters Inc., will be introducing to new friends and old ones as we pick up the story.

All images are from Entertainment Weekly.

Introducing And Returning…

What has been known for a while is that Mike and Sulley would be returning, once again voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively.

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

These two will be heading Monsters Inc as they were at the end of the original film which saw an overhaul from scaring kids to making them laugh.

Other original characters who will be joining them are

  • Ms Flint (Bonnie Hunt) who was in charge of the simulator
  • Roz (Bob Petersen) the office slug who revealed is actually in charge of the CDA
  • Needleman and Smitty (recast with Stephen Stanton, replacing the late Dan Gerson) the geeky and somewhat dim-witted maintenance monsters
  • Celia Mae (Jennifer Tilly) Mike’s girlfriend who resembles Medusa
  • Yeti (John Ratzenberger)

The series will have a number of new characters including:

Tylor Tuskmon

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

The lead character of the series, Tylor (Ben Feldman) was top of his class at Monsters University and was determined to be a scarer at Monsters Inc. Little does he realise that the scare factory is no longer trending after what happened with Waternoose, six months earlier. Now, he must adjust to the idea of being comic.

Small note. Tylor’s design here has been slightly altered from an earlier design which also featured his mother (see feature image). This appears to be the final render.

Joining him is his mother, Millie Tuskmon (Aisha Tyler).

Val Little

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

Introducing Val Little (Mindy Kaling)! She is expected to play Tylor’s version of Mike. The Entertainment Weekly article describes her as being enthusiastic. She is also a mechanic.

It should be noted that originally, Kelly Marie Tran was slated to voice Val but Mindy Kaling was revealed in the EW article as the replacement.


[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

Introducing Duncan (Lucas Neff). This guy looks really seedy so that does make him the new Waternoose or Randall? He is described as being a plumber who happens to be ‘opportunistic’.


[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

Voiced by Alanna Ubach, Cutter is a follower of the rules. Could she clash with Tylor and Val? Could she be in some way related to Waternoose given her design?


[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Wikia]

Last but certainly not least, we have Fritz (Henry Winkler) who will be Tylor’s boss.

Other New Characters

There’s a couple of other characters who have not been unveiled by EW.

  • Roze (Bob Petersen) the twin sister of Roz
  • Millie Tuskmon (Aisha Tyler) the mother of Tylor. We got an early design for her (see feature image) but this is likely to change.
  • Bernard (John Ratzenberger)

We have also yet to get a look at Celia in the series.

Be sure to catch Monsters At Work when it drops on Disney+ in early July.

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