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International Celebrities Send Condolences To Bushfire Torn Communities

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Bushfire Season. It’s hard to watch the news when we see the grim results of what bushfires have done to Australia. Luckily, the world is watching and international celebrities are watching over us…

To see red skies only brings the dread that fire is approaching. We know this all too well in Australia as we’re under threat of some the worst bushfires in history. We’ve made headlines around the world and many of our allies have arrived to help.

After seeing the messages and donation links posted by international celebrities, we feel so humbled to see we aren’t alone. We’ve put together a list of celebs who have chipped in to support those affected.

Celeste Barber – Australia Comedian

Australian comdian Celeste Barber knows what it means to be in the path of the fire. Her mother-in-law came under threat and Celeste knew she needed to help. Originally, she set out to raise only a few thousand dollars. However, in only a few days she raised almost $20Million. When asked by 7 News if she was surprised by how much she’d raised, she said she wasn’t. People have branded her a hero.

[Credit: Twitter – @celestebarber_]

Stars of The CW’s Arrowverse

To begin our coverage of the international celebrities wanting to help, The CW’s Arrowverse has seen how much our great nation has been affected. Supergirl actor, David Harewood (J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter) posted this tweet:

[Credit: Twitter – @DavidHarewood

He even retweeted this:

[Credit: Twitter – @justwillow]

Elsewhere, The Flash actress Danielle Panabaker wanted to do her part and posted a link to donate to the bushfire appeal. We thank you, Danielle!


John Wesley Shipp, the guy behind the 90s Flash and the current The Flash series as Henry Allen and Jay Garrick reposted from the Earth twitter page:

Retweeted by John Wesley Shipp on Twitter

Shaun Sipos – Actor

Krypton star Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) posted the stats for how much land has burned out. We love him even more because he even donated! Thank you, Shaun! We love you even more, Earth Man! We can still call you that, right?

Selena Gomez and P!nk – Singers/Actresses

International celebrities don’t come quite as big as Singers/Actresses Selena Gomez and P!nk. They both retweeted links and donated to the bushfire appeals. We love you, ladies!

Jacinda Ardern – PM of New Zealand

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern proves what an amazing human being she is. She posted to Instagram to send her condolences. Her post shows that New Zealand is united in helping their friends across the ditch. We’ve scratched NZ’s backs in a crisis before and they’re always willing to help us in return.

Meanwhile, Australia’s idiot prime minister sits back watches our country go up in flames from Hawaii!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Actress and Musician

International Celebrities
[Credit: Fox News]

International celebrities, but true blue Aussies Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban posted to Instagram and donated $500,000 to the bushfire appeals. What amazing humans these two are! We cannot tell you how much we love them. They might be famous, but they’re Australians who love their country.

Dacre Montgomery – Actor

Meanwhile, Australia’s Darce Montgomery of Stranger Things fame posted his support.

International Celebrities, Thank you!

There are so many international celebrities who donated. Thank you to everyone around the world who has donated. It means the world to us! Without your support, Australia would have crumbled. We love each and everyone of you! Thanks will never ben enough to show you how much it means to us.

We hope someone tells Scott Morrison that he should put his country first! He won’t get back in as PM the way he’s been behaving lately.

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