The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Now Have An Official Instagram Account!

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It’s not everyday the British royal family join social media!

With just days to go until they welcome their first child, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan have been allowed their own Instagram account separate from Prince William and Catherine. Does this mean that rift between the couples is real? *gasp* It’s also none of the public’s business if the couples are butting heads. It’s a family affair and that means non family members shouldn’t have their say!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Instagram account (@sussexroyal) has garnered over 2M followers in almost a day since its creation. They’ve been welcomed to the platform by Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew (@hrhthedukeofyork) and Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie (@princesseugenie) and royal fans worldwide.

Whether the account’s launch is to create anticipation for their baby’s birth is unclear, but they’re welcome nonetheless! They’re certainly breaking from tradition as Meghan was forced to give up her own social media presence when she got in engaged. That included giving up her blog, The Tig. Here’s their first post:

Since the move, some royal fans have found it necessary to leave nasty comments on the @kensingtonroyal (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) announcement post. Whatever happened to being nice? Yes, there are people who like Meghan and Harry while there are others who like William and Catherine. There’s even some who like both. There’s no need to be mean about it. If you don’t like it, unfollow. Simple as that. Or better yet, don’t be on social media at all. Come on, people! What does it mean to be human when all you’re doing is spreading hate for people you don’t know.

Are you following the Duke and Duchess on Instagram? Let us know below! If you are following the couple, be sure to drop a like on one of their posts.

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