Omid Scobie Actually Admits That Meghan’s Allegation About Archie Not Having A Title Was Wrong


Well, no SHIT, Omid! Meghan’s favourite mouthpiece has actually admitted that what she said about Archie’s title was incorrect!

Talk about sheer stupidity! Meghan Markle’s central mouthpiece, Omid Scobie has actually admitted, according to The Daily Mail, that she was incorrect about why her son, Archie didn’t get a title. Well, no shit! This piece of ‘information’ isn’t news. Anyone who can use the internet can simply do a Google search and find out who can be given a title.

Omid is NOT a royal correspondent. He is NOT even a proper journalist. If he was, he would’ve known straight away it was a lie. He is supposed to be an ‘expert’ on everything royal and yet, his sole focus is fueling Meghan’s agenda of wanting to bring down her more powerful in-laws. He does not care about anyone else within the royal family and he was given permission to trash them by his goddess.

A journalist is meant to check their facts before they say or release anything to the public. Omid is no better than Oprah who didn’t bother to look into the claims being made by Meghan and Harry. Furthermore, she is meant to be one of America’s finest interviewers. No wonder the interview only got 17million views in the US. This is a massive drop compared to Oprah’s 1993 interview with Michael Jackson which had 90million viewers tune in.

All the other royal ‘experts’ have already addressed this so how this suddenly bombshell news? It’s like Meghan is throwing a huge wobbly and saying, “All of them are wrong and only Omid is right!” Moreover, she’s a pregnant woman who will do anything to remain relevant. This comes despite Prince Charles wanting to trim down the monarchy. Therefore, we’ve grown so tired of the Sussex camp throwing unnecessary news out there. Finally, did anyone care that it was Princess Charlotte’s birthday coming up?

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