The Importance Of Moisturiser


Moisturise daily.

Recently I have gotten back into using moisturiser because the oil in my pores has been driving me crazy! Moisturiser locks the oil in place and makes my skin feel clean.

What I’ve noticed is the moisturiser I use lasts much longer than just a few hours. I use Nivea Soft face moisturiser, which smells incredible and doesn’t leave a greasy after-effect.

 Before I continue, Nivea is NOT sponsoring this post.

I also have the small mix pots of the soft moisturiser. I’ve opened them but haven’t used them a lot. I plan on using them once I finish off the tube as I believe in using products up before moving on to something else.

What’s important to note is that moisturiser is the perfect way to repair your skin. Though, it’ll take time for the product’s effectiveness to work. Find a routine that will prevent forgetting to apply it. For me, I apply after a shower.

I advise you to be careful if you have oily skin. Using too much moisturiser will clog the pores if applied too often. I recommend using it twice a day maximum. Apply once in the morning and again in the evening. It allows for the product to sink into your skin.

The longer you leave it, the better chance you have of saving your pores from being a clogged mess. However, it is entirely up to you when it comes to choosing the product. Just because I use NIVEA doesn’t mean it will suit your needs. There is a ton of other products out there.

If you choose to experiment to see what is correct, that is 100% your decision. That is what I do all the time. Not all products will work for everyone. I have products I use that won’t work on my sister.

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