Moves Have Been Made To Impeach Donald Trump… Again…


Lawmakers plan to impeach Donald Trump and it can’t come soon enough…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting a second chance to impeach President Trump, according to the BBC. This comes almost a week since the POTUS called on his loyal followers to incite violence upon Capitol Hill. Five people were killed in the attack including four of the Prez’s own fans and an off-duty police officer.

With less then two weeks left until President-elect Joe Biden is worn into the White House, Trump has done everything in his power to get the election results overturned. He even called on his Vice President, Mike Pence to reject the certification of the electoral college votes. When he refused, it is speculated that he sent his mob after the VP. We’re not sure if we believe that, but whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

The bid to impeach the President comes after talks about having the 25th Amendment evoked which would see Trump removed from office was briefly mentioned. However, the Vice President has not given the go ahead for this but it (apparently) has not been ruled out.

To impeach him would be much quicker as it would give him limited power until his term ends. Basically, Pelosi wants to wind the clock down until Joe Biden takes office on the 20th January in just over a week’s time.

According to the aforementioned article by the BBC, no Republican senators have said whether they want the president convicted in the Senate. Given the Democrats now control the House and the Senate, there will be less issues in getting things passed.

There has even been a few Republican politicians who want the president gone. Ouch! That would hurt for Trump and his raging ego that will probably have him rocking back and forth.

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