Lea Michele Drama: Is Immaturity A Reason To Disrespect Your Co-Stars?


What started out as an innocent tweet in support of #BlackLivesMatter, has spiralled out of Glee alumni Lea Michele’s hands when former co-star Samantha Ware accused her of bullying and racism.

She’s known for playing Rachel Berry on Glee but star Lea Michele is believed to have been a nightmare to work with on the hit Fox musical comedy-drama series. On May 30, the actress tweeted in response to the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer. A former co-star, Samantha Ware commented and called her out for being a racist. Michele wrote an apology which she posted to Instagram. She blamed the situation on her immaturity at the time of the incidents which she claims to not recall.

In recent days, other stars from Glee have come out in support of Samantha Ware’s allegations. Everyone from Amber Riley to Heather Morris have said their piece on the issue. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist whose first musical number was with Michele liked a series of tweets from her former co-stars. However, she did not respond.

So, since we’re talking about immaturity, we need to ask if this is just an excuse for racism?

Disgusting Behaviour From A White Lead Actress

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Let’s go back to when Lea Michele’s career began in 1996. She would’ve had the same struggles as her newer co-stars when she started performing. However, since she is white, she could basically get away with anything as she has done until recently.

Yes, she was right when she said in her statement that people change. However, she seems to be following a pattern a lot of celebrities partake in when they’re issuing apologies. She blames her actions on immaturity and doesn’t remember the incident.

As Lea mentions in her apology, she was in a ‘privileged position’, which she was as the white female series lead. It’s no secret that any actor who is not white may have issues with getting roles. It’s worse when they get a role and they are either bullied by the public and/or by their white co-stars.

Lea should’ve known better. She almost ended a woman [Samantha Ware]’s desire to be an actor because of her so-called immaturity. People change, yes, but Michele was 24-25 when she landed the role of Rachel Berry. She should’ve realised right from wrong at that time. When Samantha Ware landed the role of Jane Hayward she was about 22-23 years of age. That is not too young to know what is right and what is wrong.

Glee Producer Speaks Up

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People magazine wrote that Marti Noxon, who served as a producer on Glee said that the bullying wasn’t just from the female stars but many of the males did the same.

While it’s great that people are willing to speak up about the disgusting behaviour, it has come at a time where the world is fighting two battles. A virus that is killing thousands of people and a crime against a person of colour that should never have happened.

Noxon said she would let her male colleagues call out the male bullies. She also mentioned that she was all for calling out the behaviour. While she is absolutely correct, it should be noted that the immaturity of the cast should always be front and centre in a situation like this.

More should’ve been done to protect every cast and crew member of Glee rather than let the more ‘privileged’ people that were involved with the show.

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