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The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie Tells Ridge And Steffy About Sally’s Illness While Wyatt And Flo Make A Plan To Help Her

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On the cusp of firing Sally, Ridge and Steffy learn the true reason her designs haven’t been cutting it. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Flo come up with their own plan to help the young woman in her final days…

Who knew the Forresters actually had hearts? After learning from Bill that Steffy and Ridge want to fire Sally, Katie steps in to save her friend’s career. The father-daughter duo are in shock over the reveal want to help honor the young Spectra’s work and the legacy she will be leaving behind due to her terminal illness.

However, Katie explains that Sally doesn’t want anyone know about her illness and has ordered her confidante to remain quiet. She doesn’t want pity from anyone, especially Wyatt. Not wanting her young friend to suffer alone, the youngest Logan sister takes it upon herself to tell people, but warns them not to say anything.

Steffy and Ridge express their regret in even wanting to fire the designing powerhouse when Katie explains what’s going on. They decide to allow Sally’s designs to appear in Ridge’s Couture Line rather than Steffy’s line.

Operation: Illness – Flo Allows Wyatt To Go Back To Sally

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Being very much in love, Flo and Wyatt talk about Sally’s illness and how terrible it is that she wants to go through it by herself. The pair come up with a plan to help the designer.

Flo decides to allow Wyatt to go back to Sally as he’s the one person that should be with her in her final days. She also encourages him to allow Sally to move back in, which Wyatt does.

Later, Katie mentions to Flo that she herself knows of her niece’s compassion and kindness as she’s experienced it herself. Elsewhere, Wyatt begs Sally to move back in with him.

Analysing Steffy And Ridge’s Hasty Decision

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Now, you need to think about who Steffy and Ridge are. They’ve caused so much havoc over the years, that them wanting to fire Sally shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. They said that her designs weren’t up to Forrester Creations standards. They could have moved her to a different line, but no, they thought she wasn’t good enough for their company.

If Katie hadn’t stepped in when she had, Sally would be out of a job and they wouldn’t have known the truth. Sure, a lot of people say that Katie should’ve kept Sally’s secret to herself, but it would’ve gotten out anyway. It’s a soap opera. Nothing stays quiet for long.

Going back to Steffy and Ridge, they say they’re looking out for the best interests of the company, but what about their employee’s mental states?They could see she was struggling and they just wanted to fire her? They’re selfish and them being nice Sally isn’t going to change that.

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