Stargirl: Who Could Want Cameron To Go Dark?

Photo Dump; icicle jr

Who could possibly want Cameron to become Icicle Jr?

We were watching Australian Arrowverse YouTuber Pagey’s video on the Stargirl photos earlier today and he bought something interesting. He found two questions about what to expect from both Beth and Cameron come Stargirl Season 2. While we kinda know where Doctor Mid-Nite’s arc is going, we know nothing about whether the youngest Mahkent will become Icicle Jr. The video had the following question:

Is Stargirl‘s Cameron going to become evil, like in the comics?

Before we go over this, when we did our photo dump yesterday, we didn’t go into too much detail with our thoughts on the photo of Cameron talking to Courtney, which is our feature image on this post. The answer to the above question came as the following:

That is certainly what at least one person is hoping will happen, as the season premiere comes to a most provocative close.

This got us interested in who the hell would want Cameron to become Icicle Jr. Now, from what we already know, there is a possibility that it could be virtually anyone alive or dead. Showrunner Geoff Johns has said that the only character he would confirm to be 100% dead is Doctor Henry King/Brainwave. All the other characters who died could potentially come back and that includes Jordan whom Mike ran over in order to stop him from harming the Justice Society.

As of right now, the list is huge of potential candidates.

Possible Candidates

Now, Cameron’s list of associates last season wasn’t very big as he wasn’t in the series that much, despite being a member of the main cast. These included:

  • Courtney Whitmore
  • Yolanda Montez (indirectly)
  • Mike Dugan
  • Pat Dugan
  • Barbara Whitmore
  • Jordan Mahkent
  • Lily Mahkent
  • Sofus Mahkent
  • Cindy Burman (indirectly)
  • Christine Mahkent (deceased)
  • Joey Zarick
  • Henry King (deceased)

With Jordan currently out of the equation since he’s likely dead, this list expands to even those Cameron likely wouldn’t associate with normally. This includes friends of his father’s, meaning the ISA and his ISA legacy classmates as well the new JSA. This now also includes Eclipso, The Shade, and Jennie/Jade. Without including the ones above, this list expands to:

  • Artemis Crock
  • Eclipso
  • The Shade
  • Paula Brooks
  • Larry Crock
  • Steven Sharpe
  • Henry King Jr (deceased, possibly)
  • Rick Tyler
  • Beth Chapel
  • Jenny Williams
  • Jennie
  • Isaac Bowin
  • Dragon King (deceased, possibly)
  • Anaya Bowin (deceased, possibly)
  • William Zarick
  • Denise Zarick
  • Solomon Grundy

There are so many possibilities but if we had to narrow down the list, we’d have to pick Cindy, Eclipso, and The Shade. There is also the death of Jordan and Courtney being forced to cover up what she knows which includes her brother running over Icicle. If anything it’s these things that will kill any chance of Camney actually being together and it scares us because they are cute together.

Why We Think Cindy, Eclipso And The Shade Might Be Responsible For Converting Cameron

awkward; Stargirl Season 1
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

What do Cindy, The Shade, and Eclipso all have in common? They all have their own agendas. While we’re probably very wrong with who could be trying to convert Cameron to becoming Icicle Jr, we’re merely giving our view. As much as we don’t want him to become evil, it’s going to happen whether we like it or not, and quite frankly, it makes us feel sick thinking about it.

Going back to the point, Cindy is as wicked as can get and she doesn’t care who knows. She believes she is above everyone and will do whatever she wants. This includes wielding one of the evilest beings in DC Comics; Eclipso. As we mentioned in our photo dump (linked above), Cindy has the diamond around her neck and now that her dad is out of the picture (so we think), she is running around unrestrained and dangerous. Remember, she has those wrist knives.

Now, The Shade has a major history with Jordan and was not on board with Project New America. But, would he attempt to corrupt Cameron just to get back at his former friend? It’s hard to say because Richard Swift is one of those characters who doesn’t fall 100% in the villain category, but he doesn’t fall into the hero category either. He’s basically a very complex anti-hero who goes off his own agenda rather than the status quo.

That leaves us with Eclipso if he ends up leaving Cindy in the dust. Now, Cameron might act fine, but it’s possible he’s not given he’s now an orphan being raised by his elderly grandparents. Seeing Courtney might brighten his day a little but there might be more to this. What if this is just a ploy to get her to get to lower her guard? We don’t know what has gone on with him since the ‘Brainwave’ episode.

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