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iCarly: Why The Father-Daughter Dynamic Between Freddie And Millicent Was Needed

Freddie and Millicent’s father-daughter relationship really was needed…

One of the best parts of the iCarly reboot series is the father-daughter dynamic between Freddie and Millicent. Despite them not having any blood ties, they are still family. After all, Freddie was married to Millicent’s mother, Gwen for 14 months.

Freddie took it upon himself to be Millicent’s father figure, hence the reason he adopted her. What’s amazing about how the dynamic, is how quickly the relationship between Freddie and Millicent has evolved since the premiere.

Each time we see them they continue to embrace their reality as father and daughter. For Millicent, her biological father died, presumedly when she was young enough to not have a lot of memories of him. The reason we say this is because he is never mentioned outside of Millicent saying in the first episode that just because Freddie adopted her, doesn’t he is her dad and what Gwen mentions in ‘iLove Gwen’.

The First Real Father-Daughter Relationship

From what we’ve read, there were virtually no father-daughter relationships in the original series. Yes, we’re aware Carly had a relationship with her dad, but it was never explored outside of one episode. Freddie and Millicent the first real deal father-daughter duo.

What is so unique about Freddie and Millicent is that they’re not blood related. They’re stepfather and stepdaughter with Freddie having adopted Millicent either during his marriage to Gwen or during the divorce. The growth of the relationship grows with each episode. In ‘iNeed Space’, Millicent refers to Freddie as her dad which really touches him.

However, a few episodes before in ‘iFauxpologize’, Millicent was willing to take advantage of Freddie’s insecurities of being a new single father to get what she wanted. She claimed to be traumatised after finding a tweet from years earlier saying he never wanted kids and uses this to make him buy her stuff like a keyboard due to her ‘influencer life’.

This seems to be forgotten now and everything is fine between them.

What’s more is Millicent is also coming to accept Carly more as they team up in a failed attempt to get Freddie and Gwen back together. We think Millicent knows that her father still holds a torch for Carly and likely always will. Millicent coming to like Carly could be set up for something further down the line.

Millicent: Centre Of Freddie’s Universe

Freddie and Millicent have become a real familial duo that they love each other dearly without the usual drama. In fact, their father-daughter relationship has gotten to the point of total devotion. Millicent says she’s the brightest star in Freddie’s universe while he calls her his little person when the Sunshine Girls say they use general neutral words.

Not only is this a sweet sentiment to how far their relationship has come since the premiere, but it shows real willingness to see the other person’s perspective. Freddie has come a long way in just a short period of time, regarding his new role. He has fully embraced being a parent. He now understands what his mother probably went through when she was raising him as a single parent.

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