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iCarly Reboot Embraces Themes Of Influencer Life


iCarly is no longer for children…

We’re going to be totally transparent here and say, we never watched the original iCarly when it aired on Nickelodeon. There, we said it. However, we have watched the five episodes that have dropped thus far of the reboot and we’re LOVING it! What’s great about it is that you don’t have to have seen the OG series. It’s like the revival of The Rugrats where the new fans don’t need context in order to watch the new one.

However, with iCarly it’s more of a continuation but context isn’t necessary to understand the plot. It’s self-contained and self-explanatory. Anyway, the new series is more adult, hence the reason it streams on a streaming service and doesn’t air on a kids’ television network. The show features mature conversations and mild swearing. Nickelodeon would never have aired the original series if that had this type of content. This is the same approach the reboot of Lizzie McGuire was going for until it hit a roadblock after the showrunner got into a dispute with Disney and left after the first two episodes had been filmed.

Thankfully, iCarly didn’t have this issue and is scheduled to air at least thirteen episodes, according to the iCarly Fandom site. Will it get a second season? Let’s hope so. We binged what there is currently and we want more!

Embracing The Modern Influencer

Carly joins a new generation of influencers where back in the day, she was basically the only one with a web show. Now, she joins Freddie’s adopted 11-year-old stepdaughter, Millicent in her quest to be influential. What’s more, is the struggles that the pre-teen faces with her goal. She has two followers on her channel and secretly admires her father’s former girlfriend, who happens to be one of her subscribers.

What’s amazing is that Carly’s brother Spencer, Freddie, and Harper, Carly’s roommate are very supportive of her career. Though, Millicent isn’t exactly her competition. In the episode, ‘iFauxpologize’ we meet another influencer named Willow who ends up targeting Spencer.

Harper also embraces the influencer lifestyle by providing feedback on how Carly should market herself while acting as her stylist. What’s more, is that her advice isn’t always sound.

The Parenting Conundrum

Of the adult characters, Freddie is the only parent amongst having adopted Millicent from his ex-wife with whom he shares custody. Being a single parent isn’t exactly easy as he struggles to determine whether she is using him just to get free stuff. Deep down, she loves him as she admits this to him in ‘iGotYourBack’.

Freddie clearly loves Millicent though she does annoy him at times. As time goes on, they begin to settle into their new dynamic with the pre-teen becoming increasingly protective of her new dad. When they’re at Nevel Papperman’s wedding rehearsal dinner, Freddie goes to help a woman with her shoe and Millicent thinks he’s going to propose.

This leads him to question why she doesn’t want him to find love. She explains that it makes her sad to see him sad and that’s only trying to protect him from having his heart broken for the umpteenth time. He tells her that heart break is a way of life and he’s the parent so he should be protecting her.

Other characters refer to Freddie has being Millicent’s father over time. Carly introduces the girl to the guy who hates iCarly as Freddie’s daughter. She also tells him to discipline his daughter as she begins her audit on all the ‘offensive’ content she allegedly posts.

Later, when Spencer is looking for Freddie to tell him about his sex worker blunder, he walks into Carly and Harper’s apartment and asks Millicent where her dad is.

Classic Act Of Sibling Rivalry

Like all siblings, Carly and Spencer fight but eventually make up. They also seem incapable of treading on each other’s toes. When Harper creates a meme with Carly’s face, it dampens Spencer’s mood as the world thinks his sister is making fun of his artwork. To get back at her, he changes his exhibition to make fun of her but it blows up in his face on a massive scale.

Speaking of rivalries, Spencer comes to see Harper has another sister and they compete over how many phone numbers they can get from people for potential hookups while they’re at Nevel’s wedding.

We cannot wait to see what else iCarly gives us. The one thing we just want to see is Creddie get back together. Don’t worry to all the OG iCarly fans reading this, we’ve done our research. We’re already getting vibes it’ll happen.

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