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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope The Hypocrite?


Is Hope being a hypocrite for not forgiving Flo for the role she played in Beth’s kidnapping but she’s forgiven Thomas and Zoe?

Hope has been being going through a lot lately. Firstly, she was told by her husband Liam that he slept with his ex-wife, Steffy. He also confessed to still being in love with her. Secondly, there was the paternity swap drama. This is where Thomas’ pal, Vinny changes the result to make it look like Bill’s son was the baby daddy of Ridge’s daughter’s unborn child. The last thing she would want right now is to be considered a hypocrite.

This has been on our minds for awhile now but has anyone realised that Hope has forgiven Thomas and Zoe in the roles they played in Beth’s kidnapping? However, she hasn’t done the same thing for Flo. Is she being a hypocrite? In a way, yes, she is. As harsh as that sounds, she has allowed the two leaders of the baby swap gang to work alongside her on Hope for the Future whereas her cousin has been left out in the cold.

Thomas and Zoe were the ringleaders after Reese left. Flo didn’t realise how deep the whole scheme had gone until she was in too far. While she tried to talk to Hope after Beth had been returned, she got slapped and that was the whole situation was left.

Now that Katie, Donna, and Brooke have made their niece an official Logan, Hope has to deal with it. As fans will know, her mother had to be heavily persuaded to give Flo another chance. It has never been a secret as to how much Storm meant to his sisters and the rest of his family. After all, he committed suicide in order to give his youngest sister his heart.

Not Intentional

If Storm were alive, he would want his whole family to forgive his daughter. Going back to the whole Hope the hypocrite thing, we don’t think it’s intentional. While she will never forget what Flo did to her by not coming forward about Beth, she appears to have forgotten how well they got on when they met. Also, she’s going to be more than just her cousin soon.

They’re going to be sisters-in-law when Flo marries Wyatt. Though, this will only happen if Hope and Liam get back together which we hope they don’t. Hope deserves better than a man who tells his ex-wife and first baby mama that he still loves her and than sleeps with her.

Jumping back to Thomas and Zoe for a moment and their roles in Beth’s kidnapping was much worse than Flo’s if you put their crimes together. Tommy boy killed Emma to keep her quiet. He also drugged Liam to get him to jump into bed with Steffy. Let’s not forget he threatened Xander with the same fate as his ex-girlfriend if he said anything. The model, meanwhile, issued out her threats by saying that the whole group could end up in prison if they speak up.

Hope has closed herself off to forgiving Flo because of the close familial tie they have to each other. To have family betray you the way the newest Logan has would sting.

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