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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Hypocrisy Of Quinn


Quinn is the literal Queen of Hypocrisy!

That didn’t long. We theorised the other day that Quinn and Carter were going to hook up and we were sadly right. While this should make us happy, there is one thing we wanted to call out. Eric’s wife has a massive case of hypocrisy. She considers herself the perfect spouse but when it comes to her rival, Brooke if she kisses Bill then she’s a slut.

As we’ve pointed out, Quinn has just had sex with Carter while her husband is out of town. Also, Eric has been finding it hard to trust her again, especially after the stunt she pulled in separating Ridge and Brooke and having her BFF Shauna marry her dream man. The reason this is hypocrisy is because Wyatt’s mother called the true Forrester matriarch, ‘the slut from the valley’ like her late nemesis-turned-friend, Stephanie Forrester use to call her.

Quinn claims to love Eric but she does realise she screwed up massively in his eyes. Despite being forgiven, he still can’t bring himself to look at her or even touch her sexually. Meanwhile, Carter is still struggling to forgive Zoe for cracking onto Zende when they were engaged.

Technically, Quinn is cheating on Eric by having sex with Carter so this makes her worse than Brooke who kissed Bill in a moment of weakness. The hypocrisy of the jewellery designer calling out her rival is ripe! Yes, Logan has slept with men and cheated on Ridge numerous times but he did the same to her. Also, one of the women he hooked up with was his much-younger stepmother. Does she remember this? Her husband even cut her and his son off at one point for their betrayal.

How Eric and Zoe are going to react is going to be soul crushing for them.

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