Husband Of Mine: Meghan Apparently Doesn’t Like Harry’s Name


Is it just us or does Meghan Markle just love calling Prince Harry ‘my husband’ rather than by his name?

Meghan Markle really is impossible. She loves to call Prince Harry ‘my husband’ when the whole world knows they’re married. This has been something that has been grating on our nerves for a while. It appears she hates his name to the point that she has no respect for him as a literal human being. To make it worse, he’s picked up on it and calls her ‘my wife’ and not her name.

The reason we bring this up is because YouTuber, Pilot Hardy posted an amazing video of Meghan’s favourite buzzwords:

[Credit: Pilot Hardy – YouTube]

And ‘my husband’ happens to be one of them and quite honestly, it’s quite cringeworthy to watch. We sat through the entire video just to see how many times she says various things and it genuinely surprised us. We don’t think she even recalls her list of buzzwords before she writes a speech. She just throws one on there for good measure.

You certainly don’t see this kind of behaviour from William and Catherine. They love and respect each other to the point they don’t have to say ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’ when referring to each other.

When Catherine and William attended a special screening of the new Disney movie, Cruella, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke at the event for NHS workers as seen by this Tweet from the @kensingtonroyal account and she addressed her husband by his name and not as ‘my husband’:

[Credit: @kensingtonroyal – Twitter]

The difference between Meghan and Catherine is that one is self-absorbed and believes she owns her husband. The other does not. If we’re honest, Markle could learn a thing or two about how to respect her spouse from her sister-in-law. We know that she never regarded Trevor as an equal, just a pawn to get her famous.

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