Stargirl THEORY: Does Pat Get Hurt?


Does Papa Pat get hurt during Stargirl Season 2?

We didn’t expect a possible plot detail to be leaked from the Stargirl set so soon. Sure, we’ve had the reveal that Ysa Penarejo would allegedly be playing a version of Jade but we’re learning something about the Whitmore-Dugans and it’s all thanks to Amy Smart who plays Barbara Whitmore, Courtney’s mother. She has posted a picture to her Instagram story that features that onscreen husband Pat played by Luke Wilson ends up getting hurt.

One of our followers, Natalie | Beth Chapel Defense Squad on Twitter was able to get a screenshot of the photo from Amy’s Instagram. She [Natalie] even posted the shot to Twitter.

[Credit: Twitter – @ckpattonsbitch]

What This Could This Possibly Mean?

Now, Pat’s visit to hospital could mean anything. In the comments of the screenshot, someone mentioned they’re currently up to filming episode 8. How far in they are is unclear as we haven’t been following production too closely.

Now, we can’t pass up the parallel that we’ve just noticed. If they are filming episode with Pat hurt, then it would match up to what happened to Courtney last season.

She was hurt by Shiv at the end of episode 7 and we see her in a hospital bed at the beginning of episode 8. What if this a 360 reversal of that? Also, last time Barbara and Mike had no idea about the JSA or what Courtney and Pat were up to. This time, however, they’re all in the room together.

It’s possible that Pat gets hurt at The Pit Stop or he could be injured in the field. Both are likely options given that he is both a mechanic and a field agent in S.T.R.I.P.E. Though, shouldn’t the JSA be at the hospital too given they’re close to him too? Could we get a scene similar to ‘Shiv Part Two’ where we see Rick, Yolanda, and Beth react to Courtney’s attack?

All big maybes.

Just because Pat ends up in hospital doesn’t mean he ends up dying. He’s the second focus outside of Courtney and the JSA. After all, the concept is based off the ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.’ comic series written by series creator Geoff Johns.

Could Pat Getting Hurt Be Related To Eclipso Or The Shade?

We know the JSA will be going up against Eclipso and The Shade in Season 2. However, we don’t know that much about the conflict as of yet. It’s also a bit late in the Season to have Pat getting hurt from a backfiring green lantern. Now, we’re not 100% certain if they are filming episode 8. As stated earlier, someone mentioned it in the comments of Natalie’s tweet with the screenshot.

If we had to make a guess, a fight with Eclipso is probably the most plausible. However, it might be something else like the cosmic staff backfiring. Perhaps, Cameron attacks him. Though, we doubt Icicle’s son goes full-blown Icicle Junior.

There’s a chance that one of the JSA attacks him due to being corrupted by Eclipso or even The Shade. It would not be their fault though if this happens, it could cause tension.

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