Prince Harry To Hurry Back To The US After Prince Philip’s Funeral

The Duke of Sussex will hurry home to the United States after he farewells his grandfather, Prince Philip to be with his heavily pregnant wife, Meghan…

Editor’s Note: Please bear in mind that this post’s source is somewhat questionable and might not be true…

The Express is reporting that Prince Harry will hurry back to the US to reunite with heavily pregnant wife, Meghan Markle after his grandfather, Prince Philip’s funeral. Royal expert Ingrid Steward has said that the Duke of Sussex will be desperate to return to his family.

Moreover, it would not be anyone’s surprise if Harry does go straight back to America. No doubt Meghan has been in his ear giving him barking orders. She would want him to hurry home so he doesn’t make up with his family. As cruel as that sounds, we wouldn’t put it past her. This comes given how they threw the entire family under the bus during the Oprah interview.

The Queen has more pressing matters than having put up with her man-child grandson and his money-grabbing wife’s antics. She is about to bury the love of her life of over 70 years who understood the meaning of loyalty and service. These are things Harry and Meghan don’t understand. They claim they do but they actually don’t. Family doesn’t stab in each other in the back and go on national television to incite a race war.

Finally, the nerve of Meghan’s PR company lackeys to order puff pieces be put out saying that she ‘adored’ Prince Philip as per the Express. She is aware that he cautioned Harry against marrying her, isn’t she? It wasn’t just Prince William or Princess Anne that had issues with her. The lack of willingness to accept that not everyone within the royal family liked her must’ve been a real struggle for her.

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