Why Did Meghan Go To HR?


There’s a HR mystery…

Meghan Markle made the claim to Oprah Winfrey that she went to the Kensington Palace HR department for help when she was feeling suicidal but got turned away, according to Sky News. Now, the former actress did not come down in the last shower. She would’ve known that she wasn’t an EMPLOYEE of the Crown, but a family member. So, why did she go there instead of telling someone else like her mental health-conscious husband? DId she throw him under the bus by saying she wasn’t helped?

Meghan’s plan to bring down the monarchy isn’t going to work and throwing her husband to the wolves by saying HR didn’t help her with her mental health issues shows how unhappy she is. She’ll never be happy with anything unless she’s complaining about how wronged she was and that she is the victim of racial hate. This could be further from the truth. Nothing will ever be good enough to her.

This brings us to the question as to why she went to HR and not another family member if she was having such a hard time with her mental health? While we do believe there were struggles, there are things that just don’t add up. Meghan has worked in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years.

Surely, she would know that HR is for employees. Yes, the royal family operates like a business, but she would’ve known to go to a doctor or a family member if she needed help. If we’re honest, Meghan’s history of lies is going to catch up with her, eventually. It looks like they already have as the Archbishop of Canterbury said that she and Harry were not married three days before the taxpayer-funded wedding.

There’s A Difference Between Family Member And Employee

We need to ask whether Meghan knows the difference between being a FAMILY MEMBER and an EMPLOYEE. Any sane person would know HR is for those who work for a business. She would’ve known this given her experience as an actor. Was this her way of throwing both Harry and the Kensington Palace staff to the wolves? While it mightn’t be that obvious for her husband, that was the vibe we got for the people employed to work for her when she was a royal.

Now, we want to point out that many of the female Palace staff were allegedly bullied with a number of them quitting after not even a year. If we had to guess, given everything we’ve heard over the last few years, Meghan’s goal to throw all these people under the bus was to make them pay for not doing what she wanted them to do. After all, there were rumours that she’d email and text people at 5am. She didn’t care that they had lives outside of doing her bidding.

Finally, we go back to why she didn’t go to a family member for help. She had all the resources in place to help her. Any member of her husband’s family would’ve been more than happy to help her. However, this is not the way Meghan sees it. She uses being told ‘no’ as an excuse to say she was naive in not knowing how to be royal.

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