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Crisis On Infinite Earths: 10 Memorable Moments From Hour Two – Batwoman

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Hour two of Crisis on Infinite Earths wasn’t as spine-tingling as its first, but there were plenty of memorable moments.

The second hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths had many great moments that made us swoon over. Hour two introduced us to characters and held a record of WTF moments. We’re going to recount some of our favourites. To read the moments from the first hour, click here!

1. The Waverider Of Earth-74’s AI is… Leonard Snart?

hour two
[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

One of the funniest moments in the earliest part of hour two was the introduction to Earth-74’s version of Mick Rory and… Leonard Snart? When Sara says she promised her crew that they wouldn’t do another crossover, Lyla told her not to worry as they could use another Waverider from another Earth.

Harbinger heads to Earth-74 where she enters that Earth’s version of the Legends’s ship to find it abandoned and littered with beer bottles. The AI activates and introduces itself as Leonard who then proceeds to threat Lyla with death. Rory walks out armed with both a freeze ray and his heat gun. He and the AI then bicker over the idea of Rory wanting to be a romance writer.

What made this such a great moment is it really brings back the relationship between Rory and Snart on any Earth. It also a nice way of saying a possible final goodbye to Wentworth Miller as any form of Snart.

2. Earth-74’s Rory Is Good With Babies

hour two; memorable moments from hour one
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Another great moment involving Rory in hour two is when Baby Jonathan won’t stop crying. Lois hands her son down the line of people while the Monitor gives a pep talk to the heroes. Upon reaching Kara, Jonathan won’t stop and she tries to hand her little cousin off to Kate but she refuses to take him so she passes him to Rory who isn’t sure what do at first. Taking the infant, he smiles as Jon suddenly stops crying and smiles at him. Lois then silently tells him to take the baby to someplace quiet.

Who knew Rory was such a softie when it came to babies? We want to see an episode of the Superman & Lois series were Earth-74 Rory babysits. Now THAT would be something to see!

3. Earth-99 Batman Is Evil

second hour; hour two
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How, we’ve spoken about Kevin Conroy’s Batman before, but never in a million years did we think he’d be evil. He kills his Earth’s Superman and he offs all his rogues gallery. He even tries to murder Kara for being an alien. This is not the Batman the world is familiar with.

He is the polar opposite of the man Kate grew up with. Though, Earth-99 Bruce did have one thing going for him; the love he had for his cousins. He is then killed by accident by a version of one of the women whom he claimed to love. Also, it’s explained to Kara by this same Earth’s Luke Fox that Superman is the reason Bruce has the exo-skeleton.

4. Lex Tries to Kill Earth-167 Clark Kent With Kryptonite But Fails

hour two; second hour; random thoughts
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

When it was announced that Tom Welling would reprise his role as Smallville’s Clark Kent, fans of that series were super excited. However, they were disappointed that he wouldn’t suit up. They were just happy he showed up to begin with.

The great part isn’t his appearance wasn’t him at all. It was when Jon Cryer’s version of Lex showed up to kill him with Kryptonite but couldn’t. The best part of the exchange is when Clark grabs the piece of Kryptonite and chucks it away. He explains that he’s been human for a decade and gave up his powers in order to have a family with his wife, Lois. he then punches Lex in the face and proclaims himself to be stronger.

5. Mick Reads Jonathan His Romance Novel Much To The Disgust Of Ray

hour two
[Credit: Arrowverse Wikia]

Back on the Waverider, Jonathan begins to annoy Ray with his crying and is being read to by Rory from his romance novel. What makes this funny is the Leonard AI says its self-published while Ray says his book doesn’t sound kid-friendly. Rory disagrees and says Jon’s loving it. Ray is forced to continue listening to him read with a pained expression.

6. Kingdom Come Supes Tells Lois, Clark and Iris About The Attack That Killed His Wife

third hour; hour two
[Credit: Green Arrow TV]

One of the most memorable moments in the episode is when the Kingdom Come Clark tells his alter ego, Lois and Iris about how his wife and his colleagues died. The story he told was a simplified version of the Kingdom Come storyline were the Joker gasses the Daily Planet and kills everyone inside including Lois who fights back but still dies. However, the Arrowverse version doesn’t mention his wife fought back.

7. Superman V Superman

hour two
[Credit: Geek Tyrant]

After discovering that Kingdom Come Superman is the Paragon of Truth, Clark, Lois, and Iris ask him to go back with them to Earth-1, but the moment is ruined when Lex shows up. He uses the stolen Book of Destiny to get KC Clark to kill Earth-38 Clark.

This results in a fight with Earth-38 Superman being chased around Metropolis. They end up fighting on top of the Daily Planet sign while Lois and Iris watch helplessly from the office window.

To stop Lex, Lois hit him over the head, knocking him out while asking Iris to help her get her husband and his counterpart to behave themselves by reading from the Book of Destiny. Lois and Iris realise that the only way to get Earth-96 Clark to stop trying to kill their Clark was to mention his late wife and the love she had for him.

As a way of thanking Lois, he tells his Earth-38 counterpart he sees why he married her.

8. Ray Befriends… Himself… We Mean, Earth-96 Clark

One of the funniest moments involving Ray is when he meets Earth-96 Clark who looks like him. The geeks freak out Lois who looks between them, not knowing what to think. They also compare themselves like whether both of them has a gluten allergy.

9. Kara Mistakes Clark-96 For Ray

After returning to the Waverider with Kate, Kara tells the room that the Monitor isn’t who they think he is, only to mistake Clark-96 for Ray saying he looks jacked. Her Clark steps in says he’s her cousin… sort of. Talk about awkward.

10. The Last Three Paragons Aren’t What You Think

Ryan Choi; hour two
[Credit: Comic Book]

The final three paragons are not what the heroes expect. Ray’s paragon device reveals two others have close by without them realising it. One is Kate who is the Paragon of Courage and Barry who is the oddest choice as Paragon of Love. The third is back on Earth-1 as Doctor Ryan Choi.

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