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Crisis On Infinite Earths: 10 Memorable Moments From Hour Four – Arrow

Crisis on Infinite Earths has ended but there’s so much we need to discuss in regards to hour four!

Hour three of Crisis on Infinite Earths was amazing and there were a ton of things we did not see coming. We’re just happy got to watch it all unfold. Though, we had a hard time trying to narrow down the most memorable moments from the episode. We had to go back and rewatch it as we couldn’t remember the finer details. Click on any of these links for memorable moments from hours 1, 2 and 3.

1. The Monitor’s Backstory

hour three

During hour three’s memorable moments, we recounted how Mar Novu bonded with Lois after she sees an Earth destroyed and how they spoke about their families. In hour four we see the Monitor’s backstory to a degree. We learn how the Monitor came to be and that he was married and had affectionately dubbed his wife ‘the Monitor’.

While we don’t see if Mar Novu and his wife had kids, we do see the close relationship between them. We even see that Mar had a sense of humour.

2. Ryan Choi Writes To His (Dead) Wife

hour four

We hear a VoiceOver from Ryan as he writes to his dead wife, Amanda. He mentions that he has to work with Lex and brands him as everyone else does: a psychopath. He also questions his place in the paragon and how he could possibly be the Paragon of Humanity. As he writes, he also mentions how the others have lost hope.

3. Barry Almost Picks A Fight

hour four

When we pick up with Barry, he’s in a really bad way. He went into the speed force, thinking only a few seconds had past when much longer had past due to there being no multiverse. Having lost everyone in his life outside of Kara, he almost gets into a fight with Sara struggles to pull him into line with Kara and J’onn being forced to jump in.

Barry only snaps out of it when Oliver appears in his Spectre form.

4. Lex Disappears

hour four

When one of your partners is Lex Luthor, you really do need to watch your back as you never know when he’s going to double or triple cross you. Well Kara is extremely careful given she knows his MO and the fact that he’s tried to kill her and her cousin multiple times. Also, she’s still pissed he killed the Earth-96 version of Kal.

As she and Ryan are talking, Lex does a vanishing act which doesn’t go down too well with Kara when they turn around.

5. Barry Meets BARRY!

hour four

One of the biggest surprises in hour four was the Barry meeting the DCEU Ezra Miller Barry Allen. It was just so amazing to see and it was so out of the blue! Seeing them geek out over each other and Arrowverse Barry given DCEU Barry the idea to use the moniker of The Flash as he hasn’t actually used it in the films yet. It would be really something if he goes into detail of how he came to get the name he uses.

From what’s been said, Ezra and Grant Gustin have always been supportive of each other’s take on The Flash. Grant even admitted on Instagram after the episode aired that it was really hard to keep Ezra’s involvement a secret.

6. Palmer Tech Reappears… In The Speed Force

hour four

For anyone who remembers way back when Ray was in Arrow, we see a scene from his earlier appearances before his presumed demise prior to joining the Legends. The scene that was re-shot appears in the Speed Force and Kate witnesses it and is able to explain to Oliver that he’s needed. It was awesome to see them using old scenes from earlier in Arrow’s run to bring the Emerald Archer’s arc full circle.

7. Kara and Ryan Form An Alliance

After being bamboozled by Lex, Ryan awakens to find Kara has been knocked out too. He hurries over to help her up telling her Lex knocked them and that he’s never been knocked out on an alien planet before. Kara says its like being knocked out on Earth.

As they go looking for Lex, Ryan tells Kara he’s still questioning why he was even chosen and asks whether he was the right person to be Paragon of Humanity. Kara gently tells him that he left his family because a bunch of strangers told him they needed his help and that it makes him special.

Ryan asks if Kara knows where Lex was going with his companion replying that before Lex knocked out her. Kara explains he said something about universal domination which was new and that whatever he was planning could be used to his advantage. The conversation ends with Ryan saying that Lex is an ass hat with Kara being in complete agreement.

8. Barry Resurrects Sara

four four

During his time looking fo the others, Barry finds himself with Diggle and Earth-1 Laurel who are mourning Sara. They don’t recognise him because at this point in the timeline, they and Barry hadn’t met.

Barry resurrects Sara, despite Laurel’s objections. After seeing her sister alive, Laurel proclaims it’s a miracle before Barry takes off with his teammate.

9. Kara And Lex Fight It Out

Kara and Ryan go hunting for Lex and finding at the beginning of time with the Monitor. While Ryan takes the Monitor elsewhere where they find his knocked out wife, Kara and Lex go at it. But what else is new?

Knowing her cousin’s adversary is up to no good, Kara calls him out but things get out of hand when she brings up Lena. Because Lex told his sister about Kara being Supergirl, it destroyed their friendship and made the youngest Luthor not trust anyone. Lex bites back saying he told his sister the truth.

Ryan runs in tells them to stop trying to kill each other as he got through to Novu (the Monitor). Lex complains, saying Ryan’s just ruined a perfectly good bad plan.

10. Oliver Dies With Barry And Sara At His Side

As Thanos would say, it was inevitable. During his fight with the Anti-Monitor, Oliver sacrifices himself so a new world could be born. While we knew this moment would come, it’s still devastating to see him die. However, he wasn’t alone in his final moments. After the Paragons helped overpower the Anti-Monitor, Barry takes Sara to their friend where they find him laying on the ground.

Oliver tells them to watch over his family, but Sara tries to convince him that he’ll be there for them. We think deep down she knows there’s no coming back for him. He shares a heartfelt moment with two of his closest friends before he passes. This is truly devastating for Sara and for Barry as they’re seen comforting each other as the world grows bright.

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