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Home And Away: Kieran Returns To Summer Bay And Holds His Mother Prisoner!


Martha’s son, Kieran returns to Summer Bay this week but it’s not to reunite with his family. He decides to hold his mother hostage!

For the past few weeks, Martha has been suffering from a mental break where she is seen talking to her son, Kieran who isn’t really there. However, he returns this week in physical form and well, he holds her hostage. This storyline is going get dark very quickly if something isn’t done!

According to Back to the Bay, Alf and Roo discover that the van Martha had allegedly set up as an art studio isn’t being used as one at all. It is a ‘safe haven’ for Kieran, despite him not being around.

Disillusioned, Martha goes straight to Irene whom she trusts and orders her to tell her family that she saw Kieran too. However, she is unable to and the artists finally admits that her son hasn’t returned and has been hallucinating him. She begins to accept the reality despite it being difficult. Roo and Alf have differing opinions on what to do. However, the decision is made to have her be discharged from the hospital she’s at and to bring her back to the Bay.

As Martha goes to clear out the caravan she had initially had set up for Kieran, she finds him actually there, but thinks she’s seeing things. She goes to get Alf and Roo but her son has fled… again. Unbeknownst to them, he’s hiding close by with a plan; he wants to hold his mother hostage. Though, what exactly is his plan?

When Alf learns his wife is being held hostage by her own son, he calls the police. Let’s pray they find them both quickly, that Martha is unharmed and that Kieran is arrested. After all, he has a warrant out for his arrest.

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