Food For Thought: If Archie And Lilibet Were Not Born At The Hospitals That Were Made Public, Wouldn’t They Have Said Something?


We understand that every hospital has a right to protect its patients, but if a child was not born there, wouldn’t a statement be issued?

For two years, there have been questions raised as to whether Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was really born at Portland Hospital in London. There has been a load of inconsistencies regarding his birth including comments made, specifically from his father, Prince Harry. We’re going to cover much of this, including what we believe is going on with Baby Lili who has not yet made her public debut.

We are not here to judge or make fun of the kids. We’re talking about their parents and why they’re trying to keep an air of mystery around two children who will never even make it to the throne. So, if there are Sussex Squaddies reading this, please get off the site.

2 Weeks Old?

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The air of mystery surrounding Archie started with Meghan’s ever-changing baby bump which we’ll get two a little later. What we wanted to explore in this first part is Harry’s comment about seeing a child change so much in the first two weeks. This confused a lot of people, us included. What was he actually talking about? Is Archie actually older than what was released? It’s unlikely because the Birth Certificate says he was born on May 6.

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Archie’s debut to the world was about two or three days later. So, that makes us wonder; was this a slip of the tongue from Harry? Or was this an accident? Apparently, Meghan threw him a look after he said this. We saw the press conference and don’t remember this occurring.

Questions Raised Over Where Archie Was Born – Hospital? Or Home?

Now, we’re just going to ignore the surrogacy thing, but we do need to ask where Archie was born. The hospital or at home? It was said at the time that Meghan a home birth. But, it appears that fell through as the birth certificate says Portland hospital.

The home birth came up again with baby Lili but she ended being born in a hospital too. There have been people who come out saying that the kids were not born in their respective hospitals. One example of this was that in the Omid Scobie co-written Finding Freedom, there is a reference to a lady doctor or midwife and her husband apparently came out and said that his wife didn’t deliver Archie. We have seen the comments but we can’t find them again for some reason.

The Express posted an article in May 2021, two years after Archie’s birth that said Meghan actually did want a hospital birth. Umm… so which is it? Also, what is the deal with Markle only wanting female doctors? There’s nothing wrong with male OBGYNs and physicans.

Our mother had a male doctor when she was pregnant. Oh, right.

Meghan is all about female empowerment and feels men are inferior to women. Is that why Archie’s name is a partial anagram of her actual first name ‘Rachel’?


To end this post, we just want to say that it shouldn’t matter if Archie and Lili were born in a hospital or not. A lot of new parents have their children at home or under the supervision of medical teams at a hospital. Though, why were Harry and Meghan upfront with the public to begin with? We all know by now that they want to keep their children under wraps so they have something to bargain with.

Essentially, the Sussex parents are using their children as selling points. An example of this was Archie’s voice being heard during the only podcast episode that was done for Archewell Audio. They knew people would tune in and talk about the podcast (if you can even call it that) if their son was involved because everyone loves a baby. But a royal child is always something people love to see, or in this case, hear.

Harry and Meghan know that they have no other selling points to their so-called audience outside of their children. They bandwagon jump so much that they go with whatever is hip at the time.

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