What Would Princess Diana Have Thought Of What Is Going On With Her Sons?


No mother wants to sit back in horror and watch as her children feud over something so petty…

Being royal means having to do things a certain way. For Princess Diana, she was chosen for a purpose; to bear Prince Charles a son who would one day succeed him on the throne. The monarchy got their wish when she bore not one son, but two. Princes William and Henry, known as Harry to their family and the world were always very close. They watched each other’s backs, especially when they were faced with the horror of watching their parents’ marriage break down. Then just a year after their divorce, their mother’s death in a car crash in a Parisian tunnel as she was chased by a flock of soulless paparazzi.

The Wales brothers became even closer in the aftermath of Diana’s passing but it was Harry who suffered the largest amount of mental trauma. The now-Duke of Sussex was only 12 when he was made to walk behind his mother’s coffin alongside his uncle, Charles Spencer, his father, paternal grandfather Prince Philip and William. For any child, this would’ve been traumatic enough; being put on the world’s stage before being ready.

For years after their mother’s death, William and Harry continued to have each other’s backs. They were allowed to choose a piece from Diana’s massive jewellery collection. The eldest chose the Cartier Tank watch that the Princess of Wales wore frequently. Meanwhile, the youngest selected the sapphire engagement ring which now sits on the finger of his sister-in-law, Catherine.

If Diana were alive today, she would be horrified at the state of her sons’ relationship. She always encouraged a closeness between them. Since the arrival of Meghan Markle into Harry’s life, it has become apparent that he will cross any line including insinuating his brother and their entire family are racists.

The Colour Of One’s Skin Tone And Why It Never Mattered TO Diana

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Diana became one of the few royals to embrace everyone, regardless of their station in life or the colour of their skin. One of her humanitarian causes was working with the underprivileged and those with HIV and AIDs. She showed the world that people with these diseases weren’t infectious by simply touching someone with it.

Had she been alive to watch her boys marry and have children of their own, she would have applauded Harry’s choice to wed a woman of mixed race. However, she would not have stood for their bad behaviour and victimisation of themselves. While she herself felt trapped within the palace walls when she was married to Prince Charles, she was still devoted to the monarchy and what it stands for.

Diana’s tireless work to show the world that everyone should be treated equally is well-known. If she could see how the relationship between her sons as turned out in recent years, that she would be upset and horrified. She would be looking down from heaven right now in horror in how Harry has treated his family. He all but accuses the people he was born to serve as racists when they came out in droves to see his wedding and welcome Meghan into the royal fold the same way they did Catherine ten years ago.

The late Princess of Wales was indeed, the Queen of people’s hearts. She understood people and treated everyone like equals. Meghan, is the polar opposite to her and believes she is Diana reincarnated. If reports from The Times are correct and the Duchess of Sussex did bully staff, then where does that put her? She comes across as a genuine person who wants to do good, but cracks have come to show in her persona over the last four years.

Diana Wouldn’t Have Tolerated Bad Behaviour

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Diana adored her boys and would’ve loved her daughters-in-law. However, she would not have approved of the rift that has formed between them. She would’ve sat them all down to air out their grievances. While it’s likely that Meghan would’ve sucked up to her, Lady Di wouldn’t have stood for it. Paul Burrell once said the princess and the duchess wouldn’t have gotten on and would’ve clashed.

Finally, the allegations of bullying and racism would be investigated immediately and not years after they happened. Diana would’ve seen to it. She had people she trusted and would’ve gotten to the bottom of it very quickly. Now, NDAs are in place which is why people were not allowed to speak up until when they did. The Princess of Wales would’ve understood and would’ve looked into the situation herself.

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