7 Times Prince Charles Was A ‘Horrible’ Parent To Harry


If Prince Harry can play the ‘horrible’ parent card by claiming his father was a terrible dad to him, then we thought we’d have some fun with his outlandish claims…

Cue the laughter and chuckles because we’re about to unearth what a ‘horrible’ father Prince Charles was to his son, Prince Harry in the most sarcastic way possible. Now, we’ve all heard what the Duke of Montecito has said about his pa and about the rest of his family in recent months. While all this was going on, his grandfather, Prince Philip was dying. Not only is this terrible, he simply never cared about who he was hurting.

A lot of the claims we’ve debunked from both Harry and his impossible wife, Meghan Markle. The linked post is one exposing a number of the lies of the Duchess of Montecito. If their lives in the UK were so horrible under Prince Charles then why did we find the following of the future king being a great father to his youngest son?

1. The Bike Riding

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[Credit: Daily Express]

Our first point is how ‘horrible’ Prince Charles was for not taking Harry out on bike rides. This was mentioned during the Oprah interview and again during the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard, aka Mister Kristen Bell. Did the red-haired idiot for get that he went out frequently with his father, brother and their mother when she was alive? Note the photo above. The little kid strapped to the child seat at the back of the Prince of Wales’ bicycle is a young Duke of Sussex.

Surely, there would’ve been family photo albums where pictures like the one above was included. Also, William would’ve had this memory as he’s a couple of years older then Harry.

2. Apparently Charles Was Unsupportive

‘Horrible’ Charles not being a good parent point number two comes in the form of him apparently not being supportive. Umm… we think the photos above of the Prince of Wales walking Meghan down the aisle and him being at the Invictus Games as a spectator tell a very different story.

What really takes the cake here is that Harry forgets so much of the stuff that his father did for him as he was growing up.

Going back to the Meghan thing, Charles embraced Meghan as a daughter just as he did with Catherine. He walked Meghan part way down the aisle when her own father was unable to be there on their wedding day. Charles didn’t have to do this. He WANTED to. He even came up with Markle’s nickname, Tungsten because of how tough she is.

3. Polo

[Credit: Rose Law Group Reporter]

If Charles was such a ‘horrible’ parent, then why did he watch and play polo with William AND Harry? Pretty sure the above picture sums up everything up.

4. Africa

[Credit: AP Archive]

It has never been a secret that Harry has always loved Africa. He once said that the continent became his second home after the death of his mother. According to Hello Magazine, Prince Charles took his sons to Africa to allow them the privacy to grieve their mother’s passing without being in the public eye.

If Charles was such a horrible parent like Harry claims, then why did he do the logical thing and take the boys some place where it was private so they could sort out their emotions?

5. Charles Walked Behind Diana’s Coffin With His Sons

[Credit: Insider]

Despite his divorce from Diana and his treatment of her during their marriage, Charles respected her as the mother of his sons. How can Harry possibly his father say was horrible to him when he walked behind his ex-wife’s coffin? Yes, he never loved her like he did Camilla, but he did care in his own way. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have walked with his father, sons, and ex-brother-in-law during the funeral.

When you look at the picture above, you can see that Prince Charles is on the end next to Harry while on the boy’s other side is his Uncle Charles who is also walking next to William followed by Prince Philip.

6. Attending Archie’s Christening

[Credit: Thisis50]

If Charles was a horrible father to Harry then why did he show up at his youngest grandson, Archie’s christening? It’s no secret that the Prince of Wales absolutely adores his grandchildren. If he didn’t, then why would he make the effort to show up?

7. Funding Harry and Meghan’s Move To America

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[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

Harry might credit himself for moving him, Meghan, and Archie to the US but we know that Prince Charles helped to fund the move. He only cut them off when they started earning their own money… or so the story goes. If the Prince of Wales was so horrible then he would’ve told them ‘no’. If we’re honest here, we believe that he should’ve told them where to get off. They were rich anyway but thought that dear old pa would continue to serve as their piggy bank while they lived their lives in luxury.

The way they’ve acted shows they believe they’re entitled to everything and will throw a tantrum if they don’t get what they want. This is not way Diana raised Harry but it is the way Thomas and Doria raised Meghan as they never told her ‘no’.

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