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Bold And The Beautiful: Does Ridge Want Hope’s Line Discontinued Because It Reminds Him Of Brooke?

Hope's line

Thomas’s manipulations have driven Ridge and Brooke to divorce, but does his father want Hope’s line discontinued because it reminds him of her mother?

Nothing is going right for the Logan women in recent episodes of Bold and the Beautiful. From Baby Beth being swapped to Katie needing a kidney transplant, 2019 has been terrible for the family. However, things are only going from bad to worse with Brooke and Ridge getting a divorce.

Though, it’s actually good news for the ass of a man known as the heir to Forrester. Despite hating his stepmother with every fibre of his being, Thomas is working on Hope’s line Hope for the Future. When his father walked into the office, he tells his son Steffy and Hope can’t both have fashion lines for the same demographic. Tommy boy proposes that they do a fashion showdown like they did last time. However, the last time this happened, Hope lost to Steffy’s bedroom line.

What makes this even more intolerable, is Ridge wants the line gone. Though, does his desire have anything to do with wanting to forget his divorce from Brooke?

The Past Repeats Itself… Again With Hope’s Line

dead; survived; Hope's Line
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Hope is not Steffy. She doesn’t steal other women’s men. Ridge doesn’t see it that way. He thinks Hope stole Liam from his daughter and granddaughter, Kelly. However, he forgets that he raised Hope as his own. She use to call him dad, but he always favoured his own daughters over her. In other words? He never treated her like his own.

The Logans and Forresters work at Forrester Creations, though Ridge, Thomas, Steffy, Phoebe, and RJ are NOT biological Forresters. They are Marones, a fact Rick and Thorne always bring up. Also, Ridge is definitely like his biological old man, Massimo Marone! That’s a rant for another time.

In regards to the fashion showdown, it’s evident from the conception of the idea that Steffy’s line will win. She always does. While Ridge might not be the one judging it this time, every buyer will go for the newer brand, especially if it was planned by the face of Forrester Creations herself while the designs comes from the great-niece of the OG Sally Spectra.

Hope’s Line Is At Stake And She Needs A Designer STAT While Vinny And Zoe Worry About Thomas’s Obsession

Zoe; Hope's Line

In this week’s episodes, Hope scrambles to find a new designer after she turns down Thomas’s offer. She asks Quinn to help her, despite the most recent Mrs Eric Forrester being a jewellery designer. Then she tries Sally whose in a meeting with Steffy only to discover she’s designing the co-CEO’s line. Awkward!

For Thomas, he decides to play hard to get, which goes against what his pal Vinny advises. Even his drug peddling pal and Zoe are worried about his obsession with Hope. While we know ol’ Vincent is completely right to be worried, Zoe is another issue. She has feelings for Tommy Boy but he has given her empty promises of returning to Forrester Creations.

However, when Liam and Steffy show up and ask for her help, she jumps at the chance, but does this mean she’ll stab them in back and report the pair to her crush? If she does tell him and it gets back to Ridge, he’s going to be far from happy that his favourite child is conspiring against her brother. He’ll then blame Liam and likely Brooke for going after his precious can-do-no wrong son.

That Creepy Fantasy That Doesn’t Mention Beth Or Hope’s Line

Hope's Line
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At the end of last week’s group of episodes, we see Thomas have a fantasy (again!) about Hope. This time, it’s the day of Brooke’s funeral and she’s not sad that her mother and aunts are gone. On the wall is a creepy looking portrait of Hope that is reminiscent of the ones of Quinn and Stephanie. Here’s how it went down:

Set years in the future, Douglas is now a teenager driving around in some fancy car. We see photos of Thomas, Douglas and Hope as a family unit. It’s the day of Brooke’s funeral and Thomas ‘gives his condolences’ to his beloved on her mother’s death. It’s obvious that he’s happy that his ‘scheming’ mother-in-law is gone. Hope isn’t even upset that Brooke is dead.

In this fantasy, Katie and Donna are gone too, but its not mentioned if they’ve left the family or whether they’re dead too. Hope is the only remaining Logan and is now Tommy’s wife and she’s madly in love with him. That makes us cringe so much.

Thomas mentions that Liam is back with Steffy and Kelly but Beth isn’t even mentioned once. All Hope’s attention is on Douglas and she doesn’t even appear in photos. Does Thomas kill Beth or do something to her? Perhaps Steffy and Liam have custody of her. We don’t know if Thomas didn’t think to include the little girl or rather chose to ignore that she exists.

We also have to note that there was mention of Quinn, Eric, Wyatt or Sally in the fantasy. The portrait on the wall was a tradition started by Eric to show the lady of the house when Stephanie was alive. Then when he married Quinn, he had a painting commissioned for her.

In the case of Thomas’s ideal life, he had a cringeworthy portrait of Hope hanging where Quinn’s normally does. In his eyes, she should be the Forrester matriarch. Not Brooke or Quinn. We can think of several ideas of what happened but we’re going to go there.

Liam’s Plan To Get The Upper Hand Against Thomas

swap; Hope's line
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Liam has never trusted a single thing that comes out of Thomas’s mouth. He has every right feel the way he does. Tommy knew Beth was alive but kept the truth from him and Hope so his sister could be happy as a mother of two little girls who had changed her life.

It’s clear that Liam has absolutely no love for Thomas and the feeling is mutual. The two heirs have always clashed. Tom thinks Liam stole Hope from him while the Spencer son belongs with Steffy and their daughter. But where does that leave Beth?

The littlest Spencer is adored by her parents and her adoptive big brother, Douglas. However, in Thomas’s fantasy life, she doesn’t exist. As we mentioned before, something could have happened to her. We wouldn’t put it past ol Tommy boy.

Ridge And Eric Approve The Fashion Showdown With Hope Forced To Work With Thomas


Eric and Ridge give the final go ahead for the fashion showdown with a promise that there won’t be any favouritism. With Hope’s line at risk, her search for a new designer comes to a halt when even the patriarch agrees with Ridge and Steffy that Hope should work with Thomas.

That was to expected it. Of course Eric would agree with Ridge. He’s his legal son and Thomas is his grandson. Ridge says he’s a changed man and believes in second chances. Please! The only people he is giving a second is Shauna and Thomas. He doesn’t care about Hope’s line.

Hope’s line has become Thomas’s second obsession after getting Hope to be his.

What Does This Have To Do With Brooke?

Now, you probably clicked the link to this blog post thinking it would be some colourful rapport about how great Brooke is. You thought wrong, friend. There’s so much more to this article then just asking ourselves if Ridge wants Hope’s line gone because it reminds him of his now ex-wife.

We need to think about how the potential end of Hope for the Future will impact Brooke. While the line is Hope’s life work, it would devastate the matriarch if her daughter’s line was cut from production. She knows how much work Hope has put into her line over the years and would want Ridge to pick an already established line over one that hasn’t gone into production.

However, since she and Ridge are no longer married, she doesn’t have any sway over him. As terrible as that sounds, Brooke is still Forrester matriarch despite Quinn being married to Eric. Stephanie trusted Brooke to take over for her when she passed. Why she didn’t pick Taylor is unclear and she would’ve loathed Quinn.

Typical Merry-Go-Ridge

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Ridge has always had a bias against Brooke’s kids, especially Rick and Hope. He just doesn’t see that his kids aren’t the changed people they claim to be. His inability to see Thomas for who he really is goes to show that his word is bond and nothing can change that. If he loved Brooke the way he says he does, he would have backed her up instead of Thomas.

He’s only trying to make up for lost time with his son since he was an absentee father all his son’s life. Also, he did the ultimate betrayal thing when he and Caroline, Douglas’s mother claimed the kids was his, making Thomas believe the little boy was his brother, not his son.

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