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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Drops Liam Like He Deserves To Be


Hope has done the best thing she has ever done in regards to her relationship with Liam; asked for a separation…

In the wake of Liam’s one night stand with ex-wife Steffy, Hope has been forced to endure the possibility of her husband having fathered another child with her stepsister. Now, she has asked him for a separation as she can no longer deal with his waffling. Despite his constant pleading for her forgiveness and Brooke and Bill wanting Lope to reunite, it just isn’t that easy as per | SheKnows.

Liam has always found comfort in Steffy’s bed and it has gotten to the point for Hope where it has gotten to be too much for her. We cannot say we blame her. She fell in love with a man who can’t make up his mind for who he wants to be with. Now, it’s become too hard for him to face the idea of not having both his baby mamas in his life.

Steffy has moved on with Finn and is having a baby with him and is now engaged. Hope, meanwhile, is unable to get over Liam’s constant betrayals. He told Steffy he still loves her! Furthermore, if you look at his actions, he’s no different to Bill and Ridge. Therefore, both cannot be trusted with women as they’ve cheated and slept around multiple times over the years.

Yes, Liam is a fictional character, but his actions are very real. There are men out there in the world who do the same thing he does. We give so much credit to Scott Clifton for playing his horrible alter ego so well. We’re just glad he’s NOTHING like his character.

Finally, for Hope, having a separation will do her a world of good. It will help her determine whether she wants to be with Liam anymore. She needs to do what is best for her, Beth, and Douglas.

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