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The Bold And The Beautiful THEORY: Are They Teasing A Carter-Quinn Hook Up?

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Is it just us or is there going to be a hookup between Carter and Quinn?

Please tell us we’re imagining it but could there be a hookup between Carter and Quinn happening? Since last week when they had that chat, Eric’s current wife keeps walking in on the COO without his shirt. This has us wondering, what the hell is going on there?! We know that The Bold and the Beautiful has never been subtle with its hints. Look at how they clued us into Vinny switching Steffy’s paternity test results. A lab coat over his arm when he entered the officer was a dead (no pun intended!) giveaway. We knew that it was going to be him that switched them.

Also, the involvement of Taylor in the baby switch storyline meant that Steffy was going to ‘adopt’ the child and then have to give her back. This also meant she would put up a fight. Going back to the potential hookup idea with Carter and Quinn, it wouldn’t be surprising given their relationships with Zoe and Eric respectively have been suffering. After all, the Forrester patriarch refuses to have sex with his wife after the stunt she pulled with Shauna marrying Ridge hence breaking up him and Brooke. The COO still cannot bring himself to forgive Zoe for cracking onto Zende while they were engaged.

Carter has every right to not trust Zoe given the stunt she pulled. We, as the audience, know that she wanted to be a Forrester. Walton also called her what she is; a ‘golddigger’. She might say she’s changed but leopards don’t change their spots.

Zoe is never going to learn. She thinks that Carter is just going to drop everything and forgive her because Quinn goes over and does her bidding. Doesn’t work that way. At the end of the day, it’s the COO’s decision.

Teasing The Audience

The Bold and the Beautiful has a habit of teasing the audience but not actually going through with the tease. If there is a Carter-Quinn hookup it would be likely mean that the writers are learning their lesson in following through with their promises of a juicy storyline. Eric, quite honestly, deserves so much better than his wife and the COO needs to get over Zoe as she’s only after him for his title in order to get into the Forrester family.

Sure, Zoe claims to love Carter but she loves money and fame even more. Having the hunky COO hookup with Quinn would be a great betrayal that we would gladly support.

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