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Home And Away: Willow Refuses To Stand For Jasmine’s Selfish Behaviour


Jasmine has been through a lot, but her selfish needs and manipulations have pushed her friends, especially Willow to breaking point!

Jasmine’s selfish behaviour has been called out by her best friend, Willow in a recent episode of Home and Away. Having become sick and tired of being ignored, Will is forced to take matters into her own hands and snaps the nurse into realising (at least a moment) that she needs serious help.

Willow makes the point that Jasmine didn’t just lose Robbo. Tori did too as he was her daughter’s father and to add insult to injury, her brother Mason was murdered during the hospital siege. The gym manager makes the point that her friend is being selfish and is only thinking of herself. She even brings up all the texts she sent her while she was on the Shaw farm.

If Jasmine were to get up and leave, she would have to sell the gym which could potentially put Willow and other people out of their jobs.

Sinister Music = Message Is Only Half Heard

After being called out for her selfish behaviour, Jasmine realises she does need help and makes a call to a counsellor, however, there was sinister music. This means that she said is likely only half the truth. There’s something else going on and we think it might have something to the way she was talking afterward.

She says that she had a great time getting to spend time with Grace and Tori and that she is considering not leaving. This riles up Willow who takes yet another swipe at her which results yet another argument. Poor Irene has had to listen to her two housemates squabbling and going for each other’s throats.

There has to be more to this than what we think there is.

Outrageous Demands

Earlier this week we have seen that Tori has tried to reason with Jasmine so many times and has ended up talking herself in circles. She has told her daughter’s stepmother that if she wants to see Grace, she needs to go to therapy. This is a fair compromise but the nurse refuses and says she will only get help if she sees her stepdaughter. When this request is rejected she says she will just leave the Bay.

As Willow later stated, Jasmine is being selfish and only thinking of herself. What is even more unnerving she thinks all of her friends are against her. Then there is the whole Willow gossiping paranoia. The whole thing has done our heads in from the start.

Trying to intimidate someone into giving in to your demands is a selfish act. Pretending to be the parent of the child you helped raise for the first six week of their life does not give you legal right.

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