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Home and Away: Will Jasmine Take Advantage Of Nikau Abducting Grace To Get Custody?


Since Bella returned from her mental health retreat, she has wanted nothing from Nikau which has sent him down a dark path. With the police no closer to finding out who broke into the Diner, he is worried his family will be pinned for the crime and run out of town. Making a split second decision, he steals Tori’s car, unknowingly abducting Baby Grace in the process! When this information gets back to Jasmine, could she use this as her chance to get custody of her stepdaughter and obsession?

Nikau Parata is getting desperate but will abducting Baby Grace be the situation Jasmine needs to make Tori out as the bad parent? It looks that way if Back to the Bay’s weekly spoilers are any indication. We’ve already spoken about the nurse’s phantom pregnancy and her increasing obsession with her late husband’s daughter with the ER doctor.

We’ve known for a few weeks that Nikau would steal Tori’s car with Grace in the back seat. Though, we also had the sick feeling that Jasmine would use this to her advantage. She said when she took the baby from Marilyn and John’s that she was ‘protecting’ her stepdaughter from Tane. When confronted by Irene and Maz, she claimed she was only doing what Robbo would have wanted.

Stealing Grace’s Belongings And Nikau’s Impromptu Abducting

Just last week, we saw how low Jasmine has gone to be closer to Grace. She has been stealing her stuff such as pieces of clothing and toys as part of her fetish. Tori almost caught her too, which would’ve had her heart in her throat.

Any chance to babysit, she takes something which is really beginning to spiral. We even saw Willow beginning to realise something was wrong.

Moving over to Nikau abducting Grace, he’s not going to realise what he’s done until later. We have no doubt that it’s going to go downhill. Colby already suspects one of the Paratas broke into the diner. He’s also questioning how they managed from living in a caravan and the Palmer house to a family home.

The local cop also knows that his colleagues have been suspecting Tane for a while, but have been able to prove it. Colby has also spoken to Dean about Ari’s possible involvement with the robbery, but is brushed off as the guy has changed. Though, Mac suspects that her ex is jealous.

Colby Comes Close

Colby has been suspicious of the Paratas for a while and when Gemma refused to have her fingerprints taken despite it being voluntary, this only pushed his suspicions further. One member of the family had to be involved and we’ll turn that he’ll go to visit them and find a hoodie similar to the one Leah reported seeing.

However, this isn’t going to go down with Mac or Dean. They might think that his hatred for Ari is personal. When Tori goes to report her car stolen and her daughter kidnapped, Colby is going to have to have his suspicions. Though, he has to be able to prove it.

Jasmine Calls Tori Out For Putting Grace In Danger

While we don’t know what will happen with the whole Jasmine v Tori situation, we know that there’s going to be a massive pow-wow. Nikau abducting Grace will get back to the nurse during Thursday’s episode, if Back to the Bay is to be believed.

There’s a very big likelihood that she’ll yell and scream at Tori for being a bad parent. However, will this lead to her filing for custody?

Mind you, Tori wouldn’t put her daughter in danger. How was she to know that her car was going to be stolen? Though, she left the keys in the ignition with the engine running.

We also think about Jasmine including Robbo’s parents, Ian and Wendy in her legal fight if it gets that far. We know the couple weren’t thrilled when they met Tori as she’d had the embryo implanted without their son’s consent. The ‘abducting’ of their granddaughter might be enough to sway them that their daughter-in-law is the best mother for Grace.

If this does end up happening, it won’t go down well with Justin or anyone who knows Tori well. Half the town would the back the doc up over Jasmine. This also wouldn’t go down with Irene who thinks of Delaney as another daughter and is currently in New Zealand.

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