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Home And Away: Will Dean Get To Tell His Mum About Jai?


Karen Thompson has always been a handful, even to son Dean. However, will she remain in the dark about the fact she has a grandson?

Dean is currently sitting between a rock and a hard place. He wants to tell his mum, Karen that she has a grandson. However, Jai’s mum, Amber refuses to allow this. Not to mention, Francesca, Amber’s mother hates the Thompsons. This could not be more awkward!

Poor Willow, John, and Irene were struck by the awkwardness at Jai’s birthday party.

Background On Karen’s Mental Health

Awhile ago, Karen was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder which is a combination of bipolar and schizophrenia, according to Back to the Bay. Only a handful of people know this and there’s every chance that Dean might have it too. As much as he wanted to have kids, he was scared that he might pass the genetics onto a further generation.

Unbeknownst to Dean at the time, Amber had been pregnant with his child and later gave birth to Jai leaving it likely that he might have the same disorder as Karen.

Francesca: The Grandmother From Hell

If you thought Karen was bad, wait until you meet Amber’s mother, Francesca. She has always hated Dean and anyone associated with him, especially his mum. Her main reason for hating them is because of the role they played in her son Jai’s death.

She also hates nicknames and doesn’t like her grandson eating too much sugar. Willow points out that Francesca hasn’t changed since she, Dean, and Amber were kids. Not to mention, her smile drops whenever she doesn’t get her own way.

What ticks Dean off is that Francesca has told Jai that surfing is for bad men. Like, what kind of grandmother tells their grandchild that so they have a bad impression of the parent they’ve never met? She had her way, Dean wouldn’t even know about his son.

Sure, Francesca has been in Jai’s life from the beginning. But Karen can’t help the way she is. It’s her mental health. Let’s just hope that Dean tells Amber that soon.

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