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Home And Away: What’s In Store For Summer Bay In 2022?

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As every day passes, we’re a step closer to the 2022 season of Home and Away starting. From Ryder being trapped underground to Mia attempting to cover for her daughter Chloe accidentally killing her biological father Matthew, there’s so much we need to go over. It’s been a while since we’ve covered anything on this subject so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Before we begin, however, our source is Chris Jenkins of Back to the Bay. We’re not going to be covering everything his website says as we don’t want to repeat the news. So, let’s begin with the premiere date and what we’ll probably see in the first episode.

We’ll cover:

  • Mia’s arrest and Matthew’s body is discovered.
  • Ryder is still trapped underground, and his possible departure.
  • Is Logan two-timing Mac?
  • Dimitri returns to Summer Bay, but for what reason?

January 31st – Mia’s Arrest And The Discovery Of Matthew’s Body

The show returns to Australian screens on January 31st. Now, given what we saw in the Season finale, we’ll likely pick up with Mia trying to evade Cash. The last scenes we saw of her were when she got pulled over by the Bay’s new cop only to speed away to avoid him discovering Matthew’s body in her car.

For those who might not remember or are casual viewers, Chloe and Mia get into an argument with Matthew out the front of the Parata home. The lawyer, who has become obsessed with getting to know his daughter, starts getting aggressive with his baby mama. Chloe jumps in to protect her mother by slamming a rock over his head.

Mia checks his pulse and finds Matthew hasn’t got one. She then bundles him into the back of her car drives off, hoping to bury him where no one will find him. However, this is a standard soap opera where nothing ever stays quiet. Look at what happened with Colby, where he thought no one would ever find Ross’ body. However, Mia is not a seasoned policewoman. She’s a new business owner who just got engaged.

According to the linked Back to the Bay article, there’s a Police chase and then Mia is taken to the police station after the body is found in the back of her car. However, how is Ari going to react when he discovers his lady love has been arrested? Could this permanently jeopardise their chance of adopting a child? Remember, his criminal record is already an obstacle.

What will happen to Chloe? Will she be arrested for killing her father?

Ryder Still Trapped Underground And Possible Departure

Moving over to the Stewart clan and Ryder is still trapped underground. With Theo knocked unconscious, how will he get rescued? The promo doesn’t reveal much, but it looks like Roo might be his saving grace when he fails to show up to something.

This leads us to his possible departure. The linked Back to the Bay article mentions that Ryder could be bidding his family farewell as Georgie Parker, who plays Roo, might’ve ruined the surprise on Instagram with photos depicting a farewell party. However, this could’ve been filmed for Sam Frost’s departure, but this seems unlikely given that her character Jasmine is closer to Irene.

We can’t post the Instagram links because it looks like Georgie removed them. However, the photos were added to the Back to the Bay article.

Is Logan Two-Timing Mac?

Our new favourite doctor, Logan Bennett, is in for a big year, it seems! Not only is he very loved up with Mac, but parts of his past will also start to resurface when a mystery woman shows up. The character, played by Melissa Bonne, is Neve Spicer, who has a history with him. However, we know nothing about her. Scenes were filmed of the part kissing, so what is going on there?

There are too many theories we could mention, but we won’t as this is not what this post is about. Anyway, we’re not sure if this kiss happens when Logan is with Mac or not. Could they break up? Will Logan cheat on Mac? Who knows!

Dimitri Shows Up In Summer Bay

Finally, we get to the last part of this post. We’ve covered Mia, Matthew, and Chloe, Ryder, and Logan so now, we’re finishing with Leah. With her nephew Theo now living with her and Justin, it was only a matter of time before another member of her family showed up. No, it’s not VJ and Luc. Instead, it’s her oldest brother, Dimitri.

For newer viewers, Leah is the only daughter of Theo and Helen Poulos and is one of their four children. She has three brothers; Dimitri, Chris, and Alex. Dimitri has a son who recently (as you’d all know) showed up looking for his aunt. The younger Theo was named after his grandfather, and according to Leah, he idolised VJ when they were kids.

So, that brings us to why Dimitri could show up in the Bay after almost twenty years. According to the linked Back to the Bay article, Dimitri hasn’t been seen since he attended Leah’s wedding to Dan Baker in 2005. That’s 17 years for those trying to work it out.

We know that young Theo has been a handful since he showed up in the Bay, and he seems to have a fractured relationship with his father. From what has been mentioned, they’ve been accusing each other of defrauding Dimitri’s business. Could this be the reason why the eldest Poulos sibling is back? Or could he be looking to reconnect with his sister? We don’t know, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

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